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  • All round hardtail build, what do you think…
  • nukeproof

    Sounds alright to me…but then I’ve just received my PA frame…oh and just got some Pike U-Turn Airs…also just got a Hope front wheel…plus got a Orbit XL to go on it…did I mention I’ve got High Rollers? 😀

    All looks good, going to be a nice build…well, as mine is practically the same, I bloody hope so. 😉


    Surely Dialled Alpine not the PA?

    Premier Icon nickc


    Everything else good


    Well, I can’t see any flaws in that spec at all, it’s all quality, ticks all the right boxes and should build into a lovely bike for a great price. Let’s see some pics when it’s built, OK?


    Thanks for the comments, there will certainly be some photo’s when it’s ready (picking up the frame on the 23rd).

    I looked at the Alpine which looked good for about 70% of the riding I do, but couldn’t see it being much fun on an all day xc ride, even with the travel wound down.

    From what I’ve read of the PA it’s a great xc hardtail for about 120mm travel, built for strength not weight. Dialled ran it as a 4X bike and are proud to say it on their website so it’s obviously made to take some abuse.

    Then I thought with an adjustable travel fork I can steepen the head angle for the bmx track with 100mm and slacken it off for the odd uplift day with 140mm, simples.


    I’m trying to build a hardtail that I can use for every type of riding I like, which is mainly razzing around trail centres but can strecth to downhill tracks, small jumps, bmx tracks and all day xc rides.

    What do you think of the spec, bear in mind that it’s been done on a budget with some new, some s/h and some stuff I’ve had a while.

    Dialled Prince Albert frame, small (new)
    Rockshox Pike 409 (ex display)
    Shimano SLX double cranks (new)
    Shimano XT discs (s/h)
    Hope bulb on D521 front (old)
    Shimano XT on EN521 rear (new)
    X7 shifters (ex display)
    X7 rear mech (new)
    XT front mech (s/h)
    Maxxis High Rollers (old)
    FSA Orbit XLII headset (new)
    Azonic shorty stem 50mm (old)
    Answer Pro Taper 1″ Rise (old)

    I think in total it’ll cost about £900 (including the price of the old parts when I bought them new)


    I’ve been running a PA as my main bike for the last 4 or 5 years (had one of the first batch), and I’d say you would struggle to find a better all rounder for all the reasons you say above.

    Mostly ran Revelations recently, using it for XC, but have also had Pikes on it, racing the Kielder Avalanche Enduro with it the last two years – great fun, and more than robust enough to take some rough treatment. I’ve used it for an XC race (7 laps of a 9 mile course) to a respectable position. Not done much dirt jumping or downhill on it as I’ve had specific bikes for that, on and off – but it would take anything you could throw at it – the rider would be found wanting before the PA.

    That said – I have just (finally) swapped it for a full sus (Intense 5.5, with the pikes) as I’ve got fed up with being beaten up by rocky welsh trails, and wanted a bit more skill compensation for the recent Ae enduro… but the PA will return with a fresh coat of paint come the winter.

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Looks a good build to me Pretty similar to my PA build in fact, apart from I have 130mm Menjas

    Fantastic all rounder bike. You’ll love it


    Cheers guys, can’t wait.

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