All of us, no matter how good we are, can make a mistake, lose a wheel, etc…..

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  • All of us, no matter how good we are, can make a mistake, lose a wheel, etc…..
  • The crash at Afan thread got me thinking, it’s been a while since we had a “Your last crash” thread! So, the confessional is open, let’s hear ’em!

    My last one was a real pratfall. At Brechfa, on the Raven, hit a small bermed corner waaaay to fast, felt my front wheel slide away beneath me and just washed out completely. Rolled out of it safely enough, only to look up and see two robins sitting in a tree above my head, looking down at me, it was almost as if they were laughing at me!

    So, your last crash?

    over the bars in the Peaks last week

    slowest crash ever, I was at the balance point for a good few seconds desperately trying to get the back wheel down


    going down a steep greasy trail, two wheel drift into a tree, bike stopped dead, i got impaled on the stem. that one hurt ๐Ÿ™

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    er…yeah – slow crash for me as well – coed y brenin, just gone through the big horns and along the rocks, with some less experienced bikers so was going slowly behind them…

    at one point was waiting by track standing on a rock and…er…spd didn’t unlclip fast enough…

    lots of audience and lots of embarrassment…..


    Trying front wheel skids on the ice in the car park at Stainburn. Not really a real crash but fun nevertheless.

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    Last weekend. Ditch crossing after flood, front wheel got sucked into mud and I toppled over into stream – just as a woman runner came past behind.

    I then couldn’t catch her up again, ‘cos it was so muddy.


    Come off the other week in the snow โ€“ well not actually snow it was 50 yards of sheet ice โ€“ managed to get about 2/3rd across trying to get to the snow at the edge โ€“ caught a ridge next thing Iโ€™m looking sky wards โ€“ did exactly the same thing 30 min later

    Both happened on the outward leg of an out and bag run up the towpath โ€“ the return leg was somewhat nerve wracking, as I knew what was ahead of me


    Some twonk crashed in to me at the last Gorrick race sending me over the bars and landing me in to a muddy puddle! Thanks very much for that one!!!


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    Sunday afternoon. Start of section 7 of Cannock Chase’s Follow the Dog.
    Was shepherding my nephew around. Was leaning on a post while clipped in. Tried to move away but wheel got stuck. Over I went. Sprawled over the path with an embarrassed laugh.
    There were 3 chaps watching me also.
    Highly amusing. (For them)

    Before that up in Derbyshire. Wheel stuck in rut & over the bars.

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    Last proper crash (A&E job) was at the end of a night ride going down through the parks from Porter Clough to Endcliffe. Its not at all technical and I had used the route on average twice a week for 2-3 years so I should have known where I was. Anyway I was being a tad over competitive with a mate & we had been swapping the lead in more and more tight spots. As we came round a corner I spotted a short cut that I hadn’t noticed before and thought this is my chance. Unfortunately the small lip which lights can make look like a yawning chasm was a six foot drop into the rocky stream bed.

    Broke my collar bone and reached 11 on the sarcasm scale to the ‘are you alright question?’.

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    Mine was just over a week ago coming down a trail and picking little jumps off the side. Weight too far back on the take off! I was told it looked like I was going for a backflip! I didn’t though. First thing to touch down was my backside as I slid down the mountain. I had to stay still for a moment to work out if I’d torn myself a new one!

    I don’t care what anyone says, snow is not a soft landing. Does it count that I was ‘boarding in Whistler at the time?


    Afan 3 weeks ago in all the snow, took my newbie rider mates, very testing conditions, just got to the first exciting part of Penhydd about 50 metres past this gate, I was really enjoying myself and my mind wandered to thinking about how much fun the newbies behind me where having next thing I know I was on the floor and my bike landed on my back!!!

    Thought I had got away without anyone noticing buy the Giro packed solid with snow was a give away..


    Came up a bit short on the last double of the new DH run at Chicksands and got bucked. No damage to me (lots of armour), but I snapped my 3 ride old SDG I-beam saddle off.

    Premier Icon domino

    Got out of the saddle for a short hill on the road up to Flasby Fell, hadn’t realised I was on ice, I just thought it was shade from an overhanging tree. Suddenly the bike went from under me and I went down on the tarmac in the middle of the road. I had to ask my friend Matt to disentangle me in a really wimpy voice – I was quite shaken. Luckily its a quiet lane so there was no traffic, took ages for the bruising to go.


    Side wash out onto sheet ice at the end of my road last week (I was still holding the bars when I hit my head). One Giro Atmos totalled.
    Two weeks ago over the bars into a mudfest (very very slowly) almost pure comedy!


    my last was a few weeks back in the hills around marple in -7 and the snow in the night..

    hit sheet ice coming down hill and slid head first for what seemed like forever, was quite pleased at the speed I actually did – but was gutted when I realised I had to try and climb back up the hill to get my bike back

    then about 30 mins later coming down a rather rocky descent got a bit carried away with the speed and hit a rock which threw me threw the air onto another large rock with my bike following – was gutted as I broke my newly build LED light


    I went on my arse about 5 times on one ride during the snow and ice in the last couple of weeks.


    Tons of snow-based crashes here too. Mega fun though – as long as you ditched the bike far enough away it was like landing on a mattress.


    been very lucky recently and not had one. have had a couple of closies though which I’ve managed to either hang on to by a gnats c*ck or bail out of. Somehow managed to bail out after the bike went down on ice recently, I found myself stood in the road as the bike skated across the tarmac. A couple of weekends ago I survived two front wheel washouts. One on the lead up to jump which sent me carreering towards a fence, I somehow regained control and missed the wire by half a centimetre, the other on a steep downhill heading towards a narrow board which crosses a brook, I just managed to stop before being hurled into the ditch. Oh and the w/end before that I was riding up a steep hill on a rather windy day and heard this crunching noise behind me, I turned around to see a ten foot branch about the thickness of my leg crashing from 20ft in the air down to the ground, it was about 10ft behind me !



    Learning to manual yesterday. Pulled a perfect manual for the first time ever, but was so shocked I completely froze and couldn’t operate the rear brake lever. Looped out in very slow motion, and very comically.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Hit a wheelie bin at about 20mph 50 yards from my house after a 3 hour ride. Bloody hurt too.

    I’m due one ๐Ÿ˜•

    I’m descending better than i ever have before, jumping roots, taking high lines into corners, getting ridiculously low over the bars on tight rooty corners, and generally having a bloody good time. But it can’t go on indefinitely…


    In the icy conditions a couple of weeks ago – tried a road ride and got about 7 miles in when i came up against the quiet lane i was on covered in ice. I think a combination of the road camber and a moments lapse of concentration had the front wheel scooting one way, while I went the other. I kind of saw if coming and managed to make a half arsed attempt at leaping from the bike. Ended up sliding along on the ice for quite a way.
    Bike came off OK, apart from one of my X-Lite bar ends having almost an entire edge worn away, which was a bit of a suprise – it must have found the only non icy bit and been dragged along it for some way!!

    Premier Icon Trekster

    2/3wks ago night riding in Dalbeattie. Following mates, watching them and did not see drop/pothole. Ended up on hands n knees with no physical damage to me.
    Unfortunately my old Bonty suffered a bashed and bent seat stay and looks like the bb threads have striped as a consequence of same crash.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    +1 for the Monk.

    Last crash I actually had tho was in the snow, so doesn’t really count as such. Down the drop-in slope to the slalom section on the XC course at Cwmcarn. I could see loads of tracks left, right and down and loads of messed up snow where people had slid all over the place attempting it. So I just aimed vaguely where the trail should be and stayed loose.. Made it most of the way down too before I strayed into the deep stuff and got thrown. Top tip for those who crash in the snow – clear all the snow out of your helmet otherwise it sits on your head very painfully chilling certain bits of your head, and it takes quite a while to melt all the way on its own.


    On Sunday, just a slow motion fall backwards as i couldn’t unclip ๐Ÿ˜† No damage done, just a muddy arm.

    Not had a crash in ages though, been lucky, maybe it’s a sign i need to push harder…?


    Last Monday at CyB I was coming round the corner on the fire road and thought I saw a small cave so stopped shouting cave at my mate. Couldnt unclip my right foot so I thought no bother and unclipped my left. At this point I was starting to lean over to my right so I stuck my left leg out trying to bring me down onto that safely. I kept heading right and all I could say was, not help, not aahhhh, not oh shit but cave cave cavecavecavecave then I hit the floor. My arm landed on a rock and ended up with a big lump in it and lieing on the floor I still couldnt unclip my right foot my mate had to lift the bike off me and twist my foot for me.

    My arm still hurts.


    Kept it on the wheels through the ice and have had some moments offroad pushing it on descents and jumping, so like 13thfloormonk maybe i’m due one…
    Had a stupid road accident in the summer, was on the way back from a pub lunch, going at a quick pace down a hill which goes under a railway bridge and the road narrows, car was behind so looked back to see where the car was as I was about to go through the narrow, hit the kerb when I was looking back. I went over the bars, broke my collarbone and also cracked my head on the floor writing off the helmet, but luckily not my head… Car driver was really nice, calling an ambulance etc. and kept a straight face, I would have found it funny seeing a cyclist flip over the bars in front of me tbh….


    On Saturday past – in front of about a dozen guys I’d met the night before in the pub. Tried to hop onto, and off a large boulder, caught my chainring (ouch) and went over the bars. No pain, just huge embarassment.

    Deffo due a big one though – last (cycle related) broken bone was nearly 10 years ago – smashed up ribs in the middle of a four day Cairngorm extravaganza….


    Front wheel washed out on boxing day on the local trails and I landed with enough of a thump to break my arm. Still not 100% right now.


    For me it has got to be last year at the Sleepless in the Saddle… been injuried for the last 6months with knee ligament damage ;-(

    Back riding now ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Lost the front wheel on a steep section of singletrack covered in pine needles a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised how long it was before I stopped sliding. Nothing major, scuffed forearm and brused arse cheek. Luckily I got back on and was at the bottom before anyone saw me ๐Ÿ™‚


    When it were snowing. Riding down a steep descent with a naturally banked corner at the bottom, my brakes did nothing to slow me, too fast to enter the corner so slid straight into this bermy thing and went straight over the top of it into the heather on the other side. Over the bars and everything.

    Air Ambalance to Grenoble hospital after dislocating my left shoulder on the Megavalanche qualifying track!!

    Lamest crash in the world – spent an hour with a cheeky lady doctor trying to pop it back in at the medical centre at Alp d’Huez but had no joy so I shared a lift with some guy whose foot slipped of his pedal and got caught between two slats on a small north shore brigde and was in a bad way! (Chicken wire would have saved his ankle from nearly being ripped off BTW!!)

    On the way home the other night went round a corner in the wet and dark a bit too fast, (always forget how fast a road bike is) and front wheel slipped out from under me. Mainly bruised knees but did slide along on me helmet, shoulder and face.Could have ben a lot worse as ther are often lorries and forklifts coming and going as it is near the docks.


    erm, crash… never… I don’t recall coming off my bike during a ride.. *cough*

    Hmm.. maybe we need to organise an STW crash meet, just for those of us who want to get the crash karma re-balanced…

    Premier Icon jam bo

    about three weeks ago dropped into a really steep section at Gawton, lost my front wheel on a root, caught it again, bars tweaked and tucked up. over the bars, caught my thigh on the end of the handlebar.

    bruising has finally gone, still got some scar tissue in there from where it raked across the muscle.

    oh and the week before i smashed the peak off my full face on the same corner.

    same corner being done properly (not by me)

    glentress wall-ride on sunday – not enough speed or commitment, and front wheel just slid down. took the skin off my ankle and bruised my hand, and thought i’d ripped my event jacket…

    prior to that was int he local woods, about a week ago. rolling off a drop, onto soft ground, straight over the bars. tried again, same thing, only managed to grab onto a sapling, which slowed my fall, but felled the sapling ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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