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  • Premier Icon takisawa2

    Takisawa's car history…

    1975 Hillman Avenger 1300 DL
    1982 Ford Escort 1300 GL
    1979 Ford Capri 2.0 GL
    1984 Ford Escort XR3i (A90AVK remember this reg no…it will crop up again)
    1986 Vauxhall Cavalier SRi
    1984 Ford Escort XR3i (A90AVK)
    1983 Ford Capri 2.8i
    1984 Ford Escort XR3i (A90AVK)
    1983 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L
    1987 Ford Fiesta Popular 957cc
    1990 Volkswagen Golf GTi
    1986 Peugot 309 GL 1.6
    1991 Ford Fiesta 1.1 LX
    1985 Volkswagen Golf GTi
    1996 Ford Fiesta 1.25 LX (N483 GFA)
    1998 Rover 420 SLDi
    1996 Ford Fiesta 1.25 LX (N483 GFA)
    1996 Rover 416i
    2001 Rover 25 2.0 LDi (Still have – was Wife's but became mine)
    2003 Toyota Corolla 1.6 VVTi T-Spirit
    2004 Toyota Corolla Verso 2.0 D4D T-Spirit (Still have…for now!!!)

    Pick of the bunch…
    2003 Toyota Corolla 1.6 VVTi T-Spirit

    Fantastic Car. Really miss it but probably more to do with it being the car we had when the kids came along etc.

    Premier Icon cp

    love how a lot of the lists go from quick fun and sometimes lethal to safe as houses 🙂

    mines pretty short:-

    2000 Toyota Carina II 1.6 saloon 1990 (parents old one)
    2002 VW Jetta 1.8 – 1988 I think
    2004 Toyota Corolla Estate 1.3 – 1993
    2007 Peugeot 205 1.8 diesel – 1994
    2009 Subaru Legacy Estate 2.0 petrol – 2004

    EDIT – favourite – subaru by a country mile, though the 205 was immense fun at times. the jetta got me round new zealand, so we have a special relation, but it wasn't my fave car.

    1987 Ford Escort MK3 1.6 (Learner car shared with mother'o'mine and subsequently written off whist she was driving)
    1990 Ford Escort MK3 1.3 Again learner car subsequently donated to my mother.


    2002 Volvo V70 T5
    1973 VW Camper w/ 2.0l Subaru Legacy Engine.

    Premier Icon mikejd

    Since 1967 (actually owned, various company cars 1979-92 & 1996-2000):
    Renault Dauphine
    Wolsley 1500
    VW 1600
    Ford Cortina Mk1
    Austin 1100
    Citroen BX GT 1900 turbo diesel
    VW Scirocco GT
    VW Scirocco Scala
    VW Scirocco GT
    L/Rover Discovery 200TDi
    L/Rover Discovery 300TDi


    Jeezus but some of you have owned a LOT of cars.

    4 in 18 years here.

    '83 Talbot Alpine 1.6
    '87 Vauxhall Astra van 1.3
    '91 Vauxhall Astra estate TDi GLS.
    '99 VW Passat estate TDi Sport – current motor, had it for 6 years.


    past cars;
    fiesta 1.1
    escort 1.6
    escort 1.4
    ka 1.3
    puma 1.7
    ka 1.2

    past bikes;
    suzuki gp100
    suzuki gs400
    beamish suzuki rl250
    suzuki gs550
    suzuki ts100
    fantic 240
    honda xl250
    kawasaki gpz550

    current stuff;
    focus 1.8tdci
    honda cbr600
    bmw r1150gs
    yamaha ty175


    In no particular order, but did start with minis.
    there been lots and it's all very vague.

    1976 leyland mini 998cc
    1978 clubman rolling shell, built up with nice zoomy bits and various engines over a short duration.
    1974 escort mk1 1100cc
    1978 leyland mini 998cc
    mk5 cortina 1600cc
    sierra 1600cc
    capri mk2 1600cc
    cavalier sri
    sierra 2000 ghia
    fiesta mk1 1100cc
    BMW 316i
    toyota starlet
    volvo 240
    metro mg
    renault 5
    vectra estate.
    golf mk4
    golf mk5
    peugot 106
    may of missed a few others..

    Bear in mind I started driving in '96….

    '78 Mini Pickup
    '82 998cc Mini, bright orange with matching alloys and black squirrelbars and webasto sunroof
    '94 1293 Mini Cooper, stage 3, wider stance, half leather etc
    '91 Lancia Delta Integrale

    and shared with wife:
    '01 Saab 95 estate, 3.0 V6 Tdi

    Premier Icon steveh


    Cars first:
    88F 1.4 CVT Auto 3 door escort estate
    M Peugeot 106 1.6 Rallye series 1
    97 RVauxhall Astra 1.6 8v Estate
    02 Focus 1.8tddi LX estate
    53 Mondeo Zetec S TDCI
    X Peugeot 306 hdi estate
    W Seat toledo 1.9tdi
    X VW Bora 2.3 V5 SE
    52 Ford Mondeo LX TDCI
    55 Ford Mondeo LX TDCI (though I might just have sold this)

    02 Mercedes Vito 112 CDI Mk1
    54 Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 CDTI
    04 VW Transporter T5 Kombi
    04 Mercedes Vito 111CDI Dualiner Mk2
    56 Renault Trafic 115 BHP Mk2
    51 VW LT35 Race van
    54 Iveco daily 35s12 Camper (as of tomorrow)

    Not a bad list in 7 years.


    Yamaha RD250E
    Ford Capri 2.0S
    Rover 214SEi
    Nissan NX100
    VW Golf Mk4 1.6SE
    and now have
    BMW 330Ci M Sport – and it's ace 😀

    After the Capri I spent many years being driven round by my better halves. Meant I could drink and get merry lol. My place of employment has only been about a mile away so never really needed a car so the wife used to have the car all the time and I spent my money on my bikes.

    Yamaha RXS100
    Suzuki GP100
    Honda NT Bros MK1 650cc
    Peugeot 406TD est.

    I'm hoping to get a Hilux (new one) or Mitsubishi L200 Animal. Why? Why not?

    VW '69 Beetle 1200 6v
    VW '69 Beetle 1500
    VW '72 Volksrod Beach Buggy
    VW '69 Bay Window Dormobile
    Reliant Scimitar (Sprint Prepped)
    VW '72 Beetle 1200
    VW '86 T3 Westfalia Camper – still own this one
    VW '89 T3 Syncro Caravelle (Subaru Powered) – still own this one

    Yamaha YP100
    Yamaha RD 250E (8 off)
    Yamaha RD 400E
    Yamaha Xt 500
    Yamaha 350 LC (2 off)

    More company cars than I care to remember.



    Toyota Yaris
    Honda Jazz [current]


    Honda Camino
    Honda CG125
    Honda Revere
    Honda Hornet

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    1st car

    1st company car

    1st crap company car

    1st decent company car

    Handling was great but was 1.8 so too slow

    Quick motor, Loved my comfy cruisy 9-5

    When it kept trying to do 360's on roundabouts soaked in diesel we had to part comapany

    130,000 trouble free motoring in the mondeo

    Only got this last week. Loving it, so far. Quickest and fastest car yet with the best handling.

    Premier Icon white101

    1984 Polo (with a boot)
    1992 Ford Sierra 2l glx
    1997 Ford Mondeo 1.8 td Jelly mold model with boot
    2004 Astra est 1.9cdti 150ps (a beauty in black) company car
    2000 Daewoo Nubira est 1.6 (lost company car during job change)
    2008 Ford Mondeo est 1.8tdci company motor, still got the Daewoo in case work goes pop!

    1979 Citroen Dyane 6
    1974 Citroen Ami 8 Saloon
    1972 Citroen Dyane 6
    1978 Citroen Ami 8 Estate
    1973 Citroen Dyane 6
    1983 Saab 99
    1975 Citroen Ami Super Estate
    1979 Renault 16 TL
    1973 Renault 5 TL
    1981 Citroen CX Pallas ie
    1973 Peugeot 404 Saloon
    1970 Citroen DSuper
    1974 Renault 4 TL

    I also strongly influenced the purchase of a 1975 Citroen GS 1220 Club by the former Mrs Dusty Lilac

    Things got a bit more dull with the onset of company cars in 2000:

    Seat Cordoba 2.0 16v
    VW Golf TDI 130
    BMW 320d
    BMW 320d (facelift)
    BMW 120d


    1975 Triumph Toledo 1300 Ice Blue
    1980 Austin Allegro Estate 1.3 Gold (yum yum)
    1983 Ford Escort XR3i Black – still miss this one!
    1987 Honda Accord Ex 2.0 Gold
    1993 Honda Civic Esi 1.6vtec Red
    2001 Honda Civic Sport 1.6vtec Silver
    2005 Honda Civic Type-R Grey
    2006 Honda Civic SE Black- roomy bike bus

    note to self – try a different marque!


    Morris Minor
    Mini 850
    Morris Minor Van
    Renault 18
    Mk1 Fiesta 1.1L
    Capri 1600
    Mk1 XR2
    Austin Sprite 1275
    Mk1 XR2
    VW Polo 1.0L
    Toyota Corrola 1.3
    Toyota Corrlla 1.8gxi
    Honda Civic 1.5
    Honda Civic 1.4
    Mini Cooper 1275 (my favourite car of all)
    BMW 320i
    Mazda 323i
    Mini One
    Mazda 323 2.0L
    VW Golf GT-TDI 150bhp
    BMW 320d Tourer
    VW Golf TDI Estate 130bhp

    If anyone has a clean unmodified 1275 Mini Cooper?


    Hi Ski, answer is yes! but its staying here!! Well its pretty much as they came but with very mild engine mods, to run unleaded of course, just makes it a bit smother and a little quicker, and some decent shox.

    just wish I had a few more tokens…. an early 70s 911 2.4S, late Elan Coupe, Lancia Fulvia Zagato, and ultimately a Stratos, had a chance of a low milage for £5K – those where the days…….


    1991 Mazda 323 1.6 Executive
    1992 Renault 19 1.4e
    1995 Seat Ibiza 1.4
    1991 Renault 19 16v
    1994 Renault 19 1.9 TD
    2001 Renault Clio 1.2
    1999 Vauxhall Astra Estate 1.7 TD
    2003 VW Passat 1.9 TDI
    2004 Mazda 6 TS2 Estate


    In order of ownership since 1992.

    Ford Mk2 Cortina 1600E 1970
    Ford Mk2 Cortina 1600E 1967
    AKS Continental (Ford Special) 1959
    Ford Fiesta Supersport 1981
    Vauxhall Firenza 1972
    MG Metro Turbo 1985
    Peugeot 106 XS 1994
    Cavalier 4×4 1992
    Peugeot 306 D Turbo 1999
    Clan Crusader 1973
    TVR Vixen 1969 (Still own)
    Lotus Elite 1976
    205 GTI Mi16 Track Car 1989
    Mercedes A-class 2002
    Renault Megane 2003
    Sylva Phoenix Track Car 1998 (Still own)
    Saab 9-3 Aero 2003 (Still own)


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