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    Just wondered if anyone can confirm the set up of Marozcchi All Mountain II’s from 2006 – what spring/air combination do they have and how do I get the best out of them – checked the website but didnt find the tech manuels that clear. I dont seem to have any sag at all.

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    I’ve got ’05 (I think) AM2’s. They’re coil-sprung with air pre-load. There’s no need to change the spring for different rider weights, you just adjust the air pressure. Pressures are very low – recommended air for my weight (90kg) was something like 15 or 20psi. I’ve actually been runnning mine with minimal air pressure and it works pretty well.


    Thanks – that clears things up – think mine are running at a high pressure at the moment, that may be the problem.


    Unlike the AM1’s you can play with the oil level in the right leg to change alter their bottom out resistance once you’ve found the amount of air you need to get the sag right. Higher oil reduces the air volume when compressed which helps to stop them bottoming. If your not achieving full travel then you can lower the oil level to get a similar increase in stroke.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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