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  • All-Day Kneepads
  • continuity

    My endura single-track lites really are showing themselves to not be much more effective than knee warmers.

    Priorities: feels like I’m not wearing them, long enough to fit under my bibs so I don’t get thigh gap, then protection.

    Was going to buy dainese trail skins 2 because all the d30 options aren’t vented, but the new endura mt500 lites are? Or something else?


    I use the IXS Flow pads (and most of my riding buddies do to now) … happily wear them all day, and they don’t budge.



    I bought ixs Flows on the recommendation of quite a few, and they’re great for a couple of hours, but any more and they rub sores on the back of my knees 🙁


    IXS flow. Not perfect. I get a bit if run on the front of my knee on long sweaty days and a little thigh gat as well. However, I’ve not found anything else anywhere near as good that actually offers any level of protection.

    Premier Icon Yak

    I have 100% teratecs. V comfy and seem a decent compromise between all day and protection. More comfy than the alpinestars paragon I had before.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    whats wrong with your lites? I really like mine, depends how much you fall off I suppose🙂

    Premier Icon nickc

    IXS flow here as well. I’m not sure that they’d be all that in a really big crash, but I guess that’s probably outwith their designs limits anyway. They are comfy, but the rear mesh can rip quite easily when you take them off. Also, more than any other pads I’ve owned, they take on stink, and hold on to it…

    Premier Icon richwales

    Dainese trailskins. The new pro version have more coverage and closer fit to knee than previous versions. Feather light but more than enough protection. I’ve had all three versions and they all work great.


    I have the Flows but find them a bit hot and chafy on longer rides. Dakine Slayers, although they look bulkier, are actually more comfortable and more breathable – I think the way that there is no material behind the knee really helps. Good protection too.

    Premier Icon lightfighter762

    Ive been really surprised by the alpinestar paragons. Lasting well around the tweed valley and been hitting multiple hills all day. Good protection as well for trail.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Are we all putting Chamois cream on our knees?

    That’s my pro tip for less chafing

    I did get a bit of rub from my flows after a long day in the sun at dunkeld the other weekend anyway, that was the first time though.

    If chafing is a major problem, pop a buff under each kneepad as a protective sleeve.


    Bruneep – could be that you don’t really ride outside of your comfort zone – or perhaps it depends how mellow what you’re falling off onto is? If you never fall off and this is a willy measuring contest, why bother with the kneepads in the first place?

    Premier Icon bruneep

    could be that

    ha ha some sensitive people here now, primarily used to keep my knees warm in the Scottish summer.


    Premier Icon joebristol

    I was riding until recently in Acott Grenade Evo’s even for all sayers – but they were a bit bulky and had started needing adjusting more often than I’d liked.

    I still wanted to keep pretty decent knee padding but thought something with more of a neoprene sleeve might stay in place better.

    Ended up with Fox Launch D30 (not the pro’s with the hard kneecap) – these:


    I rode for quite a few hours last Saturday (both red xc trails and 2 laps of the new blue) at Cwmcarn and the Fox lads were ace. Didn’t have to keep adjusting them and didn’t notice them when I was pedalling. Quite sweaty at the end, but I haven’t worn any knee pads that don’t get sweaty.

    I tried lower profile pads – 661 Recons – but when I crashed in them they pulled down and I still gashed my knee and gave it a good whack. So I wouldn’t go lower profile than the Fox pads I have now – and I think in uplift days I might still wear the Scott pads or some other massive hard shell 661 knee / shin pads I have also got.

    Premier Icon duncancallum

    Race face have been by far the comfiest I’ve used

    I use chamois cream on big days out too

    Hate most kneepads, but I rode for six hours last weekend in my Dakine Slayers and didn’t adjust them even once. Great pads.

    That said, it really depends on fit, so you’ll need some trial and error to find your goldilocks pair.


    Over the last 2,5 years I had Alpinestars Paragons, Dakine Slayers and POC VPD Airs. The Slayers fell apart in weeks, the Paragons look great and are super comfortable but fail to provide any meaningful protection, won’t stay in place during crashes and the pads tend to break in half after an year or so (know of several cases besides mine).
    I always go back to the trusty POCs. They don’t look as good (tight gap!!!!) and feel uncomfortable each time I put those on. But once the pad heats up and conforms they are super comfy, provide real coverage, stay in place and the build quality is just heads and shoulders above anything else I’ve tried

    Premier Icon Del

    i’ve tried the poc 2.0 and they were noticeably lighter than the 3.0 but TBH i’m getting hot and sweaty anyway, i’ll take the additional protection. they’re both well made.
    pro tip – don’t waste money on chamois cream, use sudocream instead. 😉

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Minimalist pads are a solution to a problem that never existed tbh, your standard issue Sort Of Like A Kyle Strait like everyone wore a few years ago is all-day pretty much as comfy imo as long as the fit’s right. Slightly sweatier but there’s a point where “a bit sweaty” and “a bit sweatier than that” makes no real difference, while “a little bit protective” and “actually a functioning knee pad” does.

    Premier Icon reinswood

    I’ve just bought some SEVENiDP Sam hill lite knee pads been out once for a quick ride, soon forgot I had them on which bodes well.the sizing chart is accurate for once, medium spot on.

    Premier Icon gkeeffe

    Flows with chamois creme for me.

    Chamois B’tter creme is the key.


    I had these recommended to me when I was required to get some all-day pads after tearing up my knee for the umpteenth time.  So far, they’ve been good, haven’t crashed on them (yet!) but they are comfortable to wear all the time, no chafing at all, haven’t moved at all and aren’t too warm.  Had them on for a 3+ hour ride yesterday, loads of climbing in the heat and pretty much forgot they were on.



    I’ve got sevenIDP ones, where you can use them as glorified knee warmers, add in a soft pad for all day rides where you want pads or add in a second, hard shell for scarier rides. Seem pretty good so far!


    Too slow to edit, the ones I have are the Covert

    Premier Icon panzerjager

    Dainese Trailskins here, super comfy, well ventilated so not sweaty & they more or less stay put. Have to lift the top edge every now & then but that’s more me fussing rather than a necessity.
    Have done plenty of big days out, both UK & abroad, including a couple of epic days around Garda where there is a lot of climbing.
    I honestly never really notice I have them on & would buy again without hesitating.

    Premier Icon genecheeseman

    The older IXS flows without the removable pads are my go-to choice.

    Perhaps the chafing is to do with access to the removable pads on their latest ones?

    If i currently kneeded nee pads, i would be looking at either the IXS flows (based on how good the old ones are, and how long they have lasted),
    or 661 evo (based on how good the 661 evo elbow pads are).

    I have some Sweet Protection bearsuit kneepads, which are pretty solid,but a bit hot and some ION k-lite, which are decent, but the removable pads are a bad fit. I’ve cut them down with scisors, but they are split, so i’ve ordered spares off bikeinn.

    Also have some fox launch from when i got to BPW and forgot my kneepads. Tried on the medium, and they felt too tight, so bought the large- but i find i keep having to pull them up. They are the pads i use for uplift days, as they offer the most protection.

    Premier Icon crashrash

    Dainese Trailskins for me as well. Despite a few crashes I am still on the originals, happily wear them all day, no chafing, reasonably airy and they have been through the washing machine a few times with no issues. Keep thinking I should think of replacing but they keep on going!


    Fox Launch Enduro kneepads. Light,comfy,stay up nicely. Can’t stand hard shells or anything clunky.


    Fox Enduro knee pads get my vote.
    All day comfort.

    Premier Icon tterry

    7idp Sam hill as a lighter pad or poc vpd 2 might be worth a look. But I would recommend trying as many on for fit as possible.

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