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  • Mackem

    Just a few questions for anyone with experience with the Alfine hub.
    Thinking of sticking one on my P7. So…

    What size chainring would you recommend at the front end if you live in a place full of steep hills? would the chainline naturally line up with the Middle or inner ring, is there any adjustment possible to the chain line?

    What size sprocket comes on the back?

    what type of chain is used? 8 or 9 speed or something odd.

    Thats it,



    32 up front, you can get different size rear cogs if the gearing is too tough; i run 32-20 on a 29er

    chainline on mine isn’t perfect, but if you get the nexus rear cog instead of an alfine one, the nexus cogs are dished and can be turned around to adjust the chainline by a few mm – only different is the alfine ones comes with a plastic chain guard on them which seems to catch mud/straw etc.

    probably an 18T, but ask your supplier

    run a 9 speed on mine


    I have just built one up, 32 on the front, 18 on the rear is what I started with from recommendations on here and it is ace for my purposes which range from round town to local trails in the Pentland hills, I daresay it would be fine for longer day rides too. Re chain line, mine is fine in the middle ring position but the chain line can be easily adjusted either at the bottom bracket (Hollowtech 2 in my case) or using spacers with the chainring.


    I run 32-18. 32 will be fine for XC and most hills. You don’t want to go any smaller as it will look very silly
    I rode Afan with those gears and could ride it all
    It lines up with the middle, and there is no adjustment, at the rear.
    You can buy a 18 or 20 for the rear.
    and I use a ss Track chain

    any more Q’s? 😀


    Is this for single speed?

    Just watch out for Chain line issues-it has a very narrow range.

    I can use it on my chainset but if you can then it’s a nice bit of kit-bargain. Had to tell my LBS I can’t buy it due to my old dodgy cranks having wide spindle.


    cheers peeps

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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