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  • Alfine cable routing on On-One Inbred
  • Please can somebody confirm what colour non-turn washers I would need to run the cable from an Alfine hub up the seat stays of an On-One Inbred with horizontal dropouts.



    Take a look here

    I used brown and yellow for horizontal dropouts (Ti 29er) but the cable will run the sameway anyway i.e. the cable runs down the downtube, under the bb, then along the underside of the drive side chain stay to the hub

    Premier Icon nuke

    White 6L and Silver 6R on my c456 with horizontal swapouts

    Thanks for the link chunkypaul.

    Since posting I did a bit more searching and found this page: which is exactly what I was looking to achieve to make use of the seatstay and toptube cable guides on the Inbred frame.

    So it looks like I need the 7R/black & 7L/grey non-turn washers as confirmed in your link.

    Or maybe not, lol.

    nuke, I didn’t see your post before my post above. Just to confirm, the white/6L & silver/6R non-turn washers angle the cassette joint up the seat stay when using horizontal washers?

    Just to confuse me further (which isn’t difficult) Planet-X have this fitting kit which shows white/silver washers as per nuke’s post but describes them as 7L/7R which should be grey/black (which is what I thought I needed)?

    Cheers all.


    White and Silver on my 456, with Inbred horizontal drop-outs – cable runs down the seat stay and then along the chain stay as per normal rear mech routing

    Stu McGroo

    I tried what you’re doing stormtrooper but I thought it looked messy. In the end I used standard washers, taped the cable to rear brake hose every six inches down the downtube with black insulation tape then under the BB and along the underside of the chain stay inside a lizard skins protector. The result is much neater and unless you look really closely the only bit of cable you see is from the shifter to the head tube.

    Premier Icon RRD

    Just setting mine up at the moment (2nd gen horizontal drop out).

    Silver and white.

    Then running the cable along the chainstay and up the down tube.

    I bought an Alfine fitting kit that CRC sold with both vertical and horizontal washers.

    Just noticed. The same kit that you have attached the link to

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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