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  • Alfa Romeo Spider 2002 shape…
  • Premier Icon unfitgeezer
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    …though I think the shape started in 1998.

    Tell me all you know ???

    Would be used as a 3rd car/toy, finally got rid of the S4 cabriolet which has been replaced with a Volvo C70 T5.

    The Alfa’s look cool and almost future classic…

    Look forward to hearing thoughts.

    Premier Icon trumpton
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    Look at a owners club on facebook or a website to find out their faults when may need to join when you have a car though.dont forget bargain classic car insurance if its older than 15 years approx.

    Premier Icon suburbanreuben
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    Go for it! Get the 3 litre. It sounds gorgeous!
    Go faster goodies are available, big brakes, Quaife LSD, etc, as well as a lot more powah!

    Premier Icon JollyGreenGiant
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    We owned one from new for 3 years.
    Lovely car, so much character, not that quick but an engine that loves to rev , keen handling and steering.
    3 litre V6 is sublime but 2.0 litre is still a nice engine and arguably better balanced .
    Absolutely loved ours even if we had a few issues with suspension bushes and the electric hood.
    I used to frequent the Alfa owner forum for advice . Find yourself a good Alafa specialist to look after it.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes
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    Always liked that shape, I thought of them today when I saw a TR7 out and about, first one I’d seen in motion for a while. I think the last shape Celica would have been a good soft top too.

    Premier Icon Nobby
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    There are still a good number of Type 916 Spiders out there.

    As has been said, the 3 litre is something else but the 2l Twin Spark is a decent lump – I seem to recall they may have put the 2l V6 Turbo unit in a few too but could be wrong.

    The Alfaowner forum is a good place to start & you’ll find a specific Tech Assistance section here: which should already have known issues with each model. If not or you have specific questions there’s a wealth of knowledge amongst the members.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby
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    My brother was going down that route and ended up with a Lotus Elan M100.

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