Alex Draw 1.9P rims – anyone managed to get them running tubeless?

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  • Alex Draw 1.9P rims – anyone managed to get them running tubeless?
  • nickwatson

    I’m trying to run a tubeless setup on my Alex Draw 1.9P wheels, supposedly tubeless ready. I’ve installed Tesa tape (in the same way as my MTB), then tried to set up Clement MSO 40c (non tubeless tyres). No luck, way too much gap between rim and sidewalks.

    So I’ve bought some Hutchinson Black Mamba tubeless ready tyres (34c), and gave it another go. Loads of Stans sealant, and tried again. Same results, although less of a gap, I can’t get the tyres to inflate, the gap between the rim and the sidewall is still too much. I’ve tried loads of neat washing up liquid, as that has helped in the past on MTB tyres.

    Anyone else managed it? Any tricks to consider?

    It’s on a Genesis Day One Decade, so CX tyres.

    Cheers in advance.


    Premier Icon peekay

    Nick, any luck with this yet?

    I have the same rims on a Charge Plug bike, am looking to go tubeless with some Schwalbe tyres, but not sure if 28c will be too narrow for the rim, especially if you are having problems getting 34c tyres seated.


    Track pump, air shot, or compressor?

    Tried using a smaller inner tube on the outside of the tire tread to force the tire into the beads while inflating?


    Finally managed to go tubeless with some WTB Nano 40mm TCS. Needed lots of washing up liquid, wheel on a bucket (so on its side), using a track pump. Went up without sealant, but have added some for puncture proof-ness. May have got the Hutchinson tyres to work the same if I had been persistent enough.

    Now the rear hub has fallen apart, so pricing up replacing the hub with a fancy Hope SS one, for reliability (and bling).


    Did some Wtb nanos no problem. Front one using electrical tape then a layer of duck tape. Rear using gorilla Tape. Would recommend the gorilla Tape.

    Bit of an update. Apparently Duck tape is bad for this. Held for a week or so then started leaking dramatically. Wheel done with gorilla tape is still fine.


    Took me a long time to set up some giant Gravia SLR’s. Ended up having to get a lashing strap and tightening the tire around the wheel so it wasn’t as easy for air to escape. Went on easily after that.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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