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  • Ale pubs Sheffield
  • rascal

    Going there on train tomorrow weather permitting.
    Heading to Hillsborough to watch the Swans hopefully beat Wednesday!
    Will go to the excellent Tap next to the station beforehand plus maybe one other nearby before getting the tram to the ground.
    After game looking for some good real ale pubs no more than 15 mins from the station…any recommendations folks? I might need to drown my sorrows at 4.45pm 😉

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Plenty in Kelham Island on your way back assuming they aren’t all under water.

    Rutland Arms. 5 mins max from train station.

    Kelham Island is 20 minutes minimum and as mentioned, possibly under water.


    Back in my student days the Devonshire Cat was good, and just sneaks into the 15 minutes from the station criteria.

    Also good were the Red Deer in Pitt Stree and Fagans in Broad Lane (for a more “local” experiencep;-). But they’re probably a pinch too far.


    Rutland arms is the one you want. 5 mins walk. Devonshire cat also worth a look 15 minutes walk.

    Premier Icon davros

    Aye Rutland is great for ale and old pub charm. Dev cat more modern with huge selection. No booze in the away end at Hillsborough which is a shame for you as they now sell decent thornbridge ale.

    Up the owls!

    Devonshire Cat and Red Deer while further away from the train station, are much closer to the tram stops on West Street.

    Premier Icon sturmeyarcher

    Near the station, other than the Tap, the Rutland Arms & Sheaf View would be worth a short walk. Kelham Island has many a fine boozer; Fat Cat, Kelham Island Tav, Gardener’s Rest, not far to the Wellington. If you’ve got that far, pop up the hill to The Blake, then over to the Hallamshire Hotel. That should be a nice day out. In fact, don’t bother with the footy, just have a monumental pub crawl.

    Old Queens Head? We went there for a couple as we were at Ponds Forge.


    Red Lion on Charles St. does an amazing pint of Moonshine but it’s not strictly a real ale pub I don’t think.

    Premier Icon frankconway

    Another vote for Kelham Island Tavern; one of my very favourite pubs – ever.
    Just looked at their twitter feed which says that, after some community work last night, they are watertight.
    Black Cat also good.

    I used to live in Hillsborough, and was a regular in the Wednesday away end.

    Keep your head down, SWFC fans are thugs.



    Thanks guys. Some good shouts there…will def be in some of them tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up APF – heard some of their fans can be a bit fruity – we won’t talk on the tram and we don’t wear colours – stealth mode 😉

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