Aldi V Sainsburys

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  • blitz

    We’re big Aldi converts. Probably save 1/3 on shopping at Tesco. Find the quality great. The only thing I haven’t liked is their Ketchup. The meat is excellent.


    Another one here who finds the ‘here one week, gone the next’ approach to stockkeeping utterley annoying.

    On the other hand, their organic baby foods are a welcome alternative to over-sweet & sickly energy gels for the cycling bag – mango, apple & banana purée is for winners!

    Went into our Aldi’s once. Small town and saw faces never seen before or since. Like an alternative universe. I tend to shop at Sainsbury’s.

    I think there is a difference between aldi and Lidl in terms of products and quality. Aldi always seems much better

    No! I mean Lidl seems much better

    Premier Icon nickc

    I’ve a lidl near me, and as a single vegetarian it’s pretty rubbish TBH. fruit and veg quality is terrible, and I can’t buy (in my Lidl at least) loose items, I’m forced to buy a kg of carrots (for instance) instead of the one or two I want, and stock control isn’t great.

    I have tried it, but like others, have then had to go somewhere else for top up items. Can’t be bothered with that.

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    Yeah both lidl and Aldi are a bit crap if you want a single items but as it keeps its usually not a big issue.

    They are both businesses and will always strive for growth and maximum profits.

    One chooses to offer the customer lower unit prices, less choice in less glamorous premises. While the other chooses to use flim flam, smoke and mirrors like so many of the bezzie mates corporate world, that treat us like the idiots they know most of us are 😀


    Local greengrocers for fruit and veg, local butchers for meat, costco for everything else. Supermarkets really are shite in comparison.

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    Generally the meat is better than Sainsbury’s, but i’ve cashed in some of the savings on the weekly staples and started buying meat from a Butchers, which is in a different league, and not much more expensive as you might think.

    This +1 and greengrocer too as km79 says. Much better quality of banter too.

    I can’t buy (in my Lidl at least) loose items, I’m forced to buy a kg of carrots (for instance) instead of the one or two I want,

    This for Aldi too. We have a varied diet so don’t need bags full of veg usually. Spice range is appalling also.

    I should really use the market for fruit and butchers for meat but it comes back to the effort involved to do multi stop trips. Also, our Tesco butcher has much better quality meat behind the counter compared to the pre-packed stuff so it’s halfway there.

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    I’ll help you lot out of your current inverse-snobbery back-slapping session: I regard Sainsbury and Tesco as a step down when supermarket shopping.

    If Sainsbury serves to keep the riffraff out of Waitrose, then Waitrose keeps the riffraff out of Booths….

    I guess, you need some consolation for being in the North West


    we have an Aldi, Home Bargains and a B&M all next door to each other on one retail park, but she still goes to Tesco!

    she likes the clubcard points, and the in-store Costa!


    riffraff? poppped into Asda Farnborough this lunchtime, there was a man & his wife walking round doing their big shop swigging from a can of strongbow each!

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Round here they’d be sharing it.
    Especially something posh like Strongbow. Might manage a Taurus each.


    Meat from the butcher, fruit & veg from the greengrocer (who deliver for free) and Aldi or Lidl for everything else. All in all, cheaper than the normal supermarkets, and better quality too.

    Though speaking of fruit and veg, I don’t understand the complaints on here: Aldi has always seemed way fresher to me than the rubbish they sell in Sainsbury’s or Asda (though none of it compares to the greengrocer, which is also cheaper). Maybe it depends which distribution centre they use?

    Hob Nob

    We have repeatedly tried to shop at Aldi/Lidl, and whilst some stuff is acceptable, there is a lot of crap there also.

    Never been impressed with the fruit and veg, always goes off quickly, which is a pain when you try & do a weekly shop.

    The biggest issue is, both are an utter pain in the arse to get to & parking is a total joke.

    I hate food shopping & the wasted time involved. I will gladly pay more to Sainsbury’s for them to deliver at a time convenient to us. The local Aldi feels like you are having a fight in there.

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