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    A couple of years ago a friend bought me some Aldi socks; I turned my nose up initially being a brand snob but after I wore them a few times I realised how great they were. As my collection of Assos socks gradually wore out I replaced them with Aldi ones, my Castelli bibs also got the Aldi makeover after many years of good service. in order to celebrate my new favourite brand I’d really like a jersey to match the rest of my kit. Do Aldi do a jersey with ALDI written in a really big, all-caps font, maybe black lettering on day-glo so I can fly the flag a bit? if there’s little Aldi logos on the sleeves then all the better.

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    Get this year’s Etix-Quikstep replica kit. Aldi are one of their sponsors and name is on shorts and shoulders. I’d be surprised if it’s made by Cranesports though

    Edit..oh hang on..that’s Lidl not Aldi….

    Been a long day..soz

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    Binning off Castelli bibs for Aldi? You speak in jest, methinks. I like their stuff just fine but the bibs are only for commuting, and even then when everything else is in the wash.

    Anyhow, Lidl are close enough to Aldi and the Etix kit is no doubt bob-on, so that sounds like a good way of declaring your allegiances.

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