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  • Airport parking Gatwick in August
  • Anyone know of any good deals as 80 odd quid after “discount” seems steep to me…


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    If you’re prepared to leave it on a street, then drop it in Horley and get a taxi – less than £10 each way.


    We used the travelodge at Gatwick, stayed there night before travelling, and parked for 2 weeks for £105 all in

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    I’ve used APH a few times.

    What Candodavid said.

    If you look at Gatwick’s own car park booking site, you will see that someone smuggled in a line of copy to the effect that booking a hotel plus parking is often cheaper than just booking a car park. 8)

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    I’ll let you park in my drive for £60 😀

    Yep, hotel parking is the answer. I’ve used the Sofitel many times for skiing trips and it’s always been excellent.

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    Cophall Farm

    Airport hotel parking is a good call but I find most off site car parks a pain in the arse. You’ve spend hundreds if not thousands on your holiday and then ruin the memory of it by waiting an hour for a transfer bus when you’ve arrived back, all to save £20 or so.


    APH are good, we always use them, regular buses etc… but in August it ain’t gonna be a nice price.

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    Spending an extra 10 quid on valet parking is well worth it imo. Done it twice now and not going back to the fun of off site parking and transfer buses.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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