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  • AirPlay / Apple TV problems
  • Has anyone had any issues with these recently?

    The Airplay icon from my iTunes has disapeared, so I can’t ‘send’ music to my ATV, and, coincidently or not, the remote app on my iPad does not allow me to control he ATV, only the iTunes account on the computer.

    ATV is working fine using the specific remote control, but a, wondering why nothing else seems to be working. iPad, Mac etc have all been re-booted.

    Only thing I’ve changed on the network recently is adding a wifi repeater, but can’t see how this would affect anything?


    Hve you checked the apple tv is linked to the correct network ? Can you stream to the atv from itunes for example ?


    Something to do with not being logged into your iTunes account on the computer/iPad?

    I can’t stream to the ATV from iTunes, which is logged into the account,

    Weirdly I can AirPlay from my iPad to the ATV, but can’t control the ATV from the iPad using the remote app. Weird.

    Have reset the factory setting on the ATV to see if that helps.


    Quite often experience this… I find rebooting my router sorts everything out.

    Cheers Thomohawk a router reset seems to have restored most functionality. The remote App isnt quite working properly….but I have music back on. FTW 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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