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  • What compressor are you using?
    I’m getting back into scale aircraft modelling & my ancient fridge motor powered compressor is starting to spit out a bit of oil into the filter, plus it’s in the garage & takes ages to warm up, (it must have some kind of thermal cut ‘in’ switch)

    Fancying one with a receiver & have been looking at these….–FOR-AIRBRUSHES-ETC–AC893265.html

    Any others in a similar price range? I don’t fancy going to Iwata prices.


    Have a look over at the airbrush and compressor sub forum on Britmodeller the advice is pretty good there.

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    I’ve got that one, it’s good, well, it does me fine anyway. I’m hardly a dab-hand.

    May I suggest spraying in a cold garage will always yield slightly crap results though!

    May I suggest spraying in a cold garage will always yield slightly crap results though!

    I know, spraying in cold conditions can cause the paint to ‘bloom’, which is why I stick the heater on an hour before.

    Trouble is if I crank the compressor up too early I get oil & a bit of moisture coming through after a while (even with 2 traps)

    I’m on the Britmodeller forum but shouldv’e gone to specsavers cos I haven’t spotted the sub-forum!


    I have been using this one for the last couple of years. Spendy but reliable and quiet.


    *High fives fellow BM’er* I’ll say hello if I see you over there.


    I’m on there too. Same username. See you over there


    I’ve been using that AS186 for a couple of years and it’s good value.

    Britmodeller here as well, same username!

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    I use a CP103 AIR BRUSH COMPRESSOR from Axminster.

    I don’t think they do them anymore but if I was looking to replace it, I hear very good things about the Bambi Budget Range. Although not cheap they get good reviews.

    Big plus points for me would be the 9l tank and very low noise. (downsides are you have to change the oil periodically) but it would mean I could airbrush late in the evening without disturbing the neighbours.

    I kinda wish I’d just bought a Bambi in the first place rather than a low-end tank, as the 3.5l of air in my Axminster doesn’t last very long so it can be noisy and get quite hot during a big airbrush session.

    Guess it depends what you want to use it for and how much you want to use it.

    As usual It’s a minefield!

    So, I’m currently using this set up…

    I’ve had this unit for about 20 odd years but it’s only beginning to get some use again now after a long layoff from kit building. The airbrush is excellent (had a good reputation in It’s day) so I’m not changing that, & besides I’ve acquired another one from my stepson.
    With the regulator I can adjust the pressure from 0lb psi to just under 40, & as I said the main issue is a bit of a wait for it to get running constantly then after about 20 mins it starts to warm up & produce a bit of oily moisture, so I have to be quick!
    I’ve seen all the Bambi’s & Iwata’s & Sparmax jobs but It won’t get used enough to warrant that budget. Plus, by the looks of the specifications of some of them (pricey ones) they seem to use an A186 with tank as the base unit & you can get those for £75-80.
    *goes away to procrastinate some more* 😕


    I had an AS-186 a few years back, they were a bit more expensive then.

    The seals weren’t great and needing taping up, however, it worked reasonably well once sealed properly.

    I would recommend getting a moisture trap for the airbrush as well as the one on the tank if you are spraying in the garage. When there is more moisture in the air (now) the single one on the tank will not catch it all.

    I had this on both this compressor and the Iwata one I have now until I got a 2nd moisture trap.

    Incidentally, the reason I got rid of the AS-186 was that I thought it was crap when all I needed was the additional moisture trap.

    I would recommend getting a moisture trap for the airbrush as well as the one on the tank

    Where does that fit in? Or to put it another way, where does it go?

    See photo, I’ve already got 2, do I need another?

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