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  • Airbag helmets anyone?
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    I’d need a new helmet every ride – it seems to be triggered by angle of fall, not actual impact and I seem to achiveve that fairly frequently…

    I can see the anti-helmet crew talkign about rotational injuries being worse as well…


    prehaps they could move onto a body suit version and make them compulsory for pedestrians? 😀

    Interesting concept. Its another science fiction idea coming to life. Appears in stevensons snow crash

    I think I prefer the airbag jackets that protect the neck ( along with a helmet) although that seems to as well

    I wonder what the weight is? As waswas says I would want to see what its performance in oblique ( rotational) impacts would be. My guess would be that it would be good – better than standard helmets as the outer layer has freedom to move


    Damned impressive all the same.

    I like, but on a motorbike once youve let go of the bike its bad news. On a mountainbike you get off to buy cake etc.

    Also (IMO, I’m just hypothersising), Motorbike riders tend to crash at high speed and boucne allong the ground. So some low modulous padding (an airbag) would be a good thing. Mountainbike riders tend to go headfirst into the ground/trees/rocks, so I don’t think you could pressurize the bag enough to do any meaningfull work in disipating the energy?

    Premier Icon T666DOM

    A nice idea but pretty pointless for mountain biking, it seems to deploy after the head rotates a certain amount, not with an impact, surly looking down would set it off? At least it’d be cool to wear in the summer!!!

    Premier Icon molgrips

    You couldn’t guarantee that your head wasn’t really close to something as it went off. If it did, then the shock of the explosion could be transferred to your head and cause some severe injury, like having your head on the dash when you crash your car…


    It’s being released next Spring apparently:
    Linky (in Swedish, sorry)

    They are not re-usable but they will apparently do you a discount if you return one that’s gone off. A discount on the normal £300rrp 😯


    would it work offroad though?

    i dunno if i’d want the extra padding around my neck that it would offer


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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