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  • Air shocks…rubbish yeah? /Slight Rant..
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    FTuned might like you to expand, provide some background, or they might be fine for you to quote one of their guys saying “the shock is shit and qr forks are pants”

    Whoah – cool your guns hot shot. No, I did paraphrase it – Murry said that the low end CTD is pretty basic (not very good) and the solo air RL Reba has reported problems. His suggestion was that I look at the more expensive CTD or try to pick up an RP23. He was very helpful – if that helps MURRY from TFTUNED was VERY HELPFUL and provided me WITH HELPFUL INFORMATION. TF SHOULD GET MURRY A PAY RISE….

    There – that better stroppy pants?

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    Cheers Mildred, glad I wasn’t the only one with a question mark over the Yeti.

    Sounds like the BOS might be worth a look then. Worth it on a 110mm travel bike?


    I think I prefer air just because its much easier to tune and get it how you want it to feel especially with dual air forks. My pike 454 dual air feels way better than both the Domain and 55 RC3 ive also owned! That being said, the old coil boxxers I used to have are the best feeling forks I’ve tried so far. I think the problem is that at about 73kg I sit between coil weights and so I have to compromise with the compression adjusters. And the 55 feels awesome with no air preload but I have to add a bit to get the right sag, at which point it begins to feel “notchy”.

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    Hmmmmm…..I fully admit that I fall into category 1 (ie have no clue on setting up forks, all I do is carefully follow the pressures printed on the forks relevant for my weight and then don’t touch further). Having said that, I had some air Revs on my Soul which decided to throw oil everywhere just before going abroad on it. I refitted some old leaky coil Revs on in a panic fix and it transformed it – the bike just feels so much better. So not sure how that works.

    They are so good they are still on there despite the fact that they are now leaking and I know they are very much on their last legs. I would want another set of Coils to replace them based on that rather unscientific experience, but as I said I look on air pressures in forks as some sort of voodoo magic.


    ononeorange – if you followed the pressures on the back of a Rev fork you were almost certainly running them at much too high a pressure… I think I used to run mine 20psi less than reccomended to get 20-30% Sag.


    Yeah, they’re crap. That’s why I now have a hard tail.

    (Worst offender RP3)

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    Thanks Messiah – I’ll try that.


    I had an RP23 but, because I’m a complete porker, I couldn’t get it to work properly with maximum psi in it.

    Now running a Pushed VanRC with a 700lb titanium spring which weighs more but has the right sag and just simply works how I want it to.

    If I could find an air shock that would work for me I would happily swap back for the weight saving (although my beer gut is decidedly heavier than the Van).



    My 2p’s worth….

    I’m in the coil band, the best thing I ever did to my Marin wolf ridge was swap the air can out for a 5th element coil unit. It totally transformed the bike. both uphill and especially downhill 🙂
    I’ve nothing against air but at 97+kg coils are the way forward for me… Oh and i’ve spent many hours trying to setup my mate’s DHX4 air on his Cannondale Moto, but it still needs tweaking every time we ride.

    Also have dual air 454 pikes and coil pikes too, have to say the coils are much smoother and more sensitive. and as for the weight penealty, i’d see more benefit eating less pies than the difference between air and coils.


    i have been using a rocco lo all year with no issues at all. never thought i’d say that :O


    As with anything it depends on the biker, rider, tune, where you’re riding.
    But any shock is going to feel rubbish if it’s not setup right.

    So in conclusion, fully rigid, then it’s all your own fault 😉

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