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  • Air forks in Hold baggage?
  • jamiesilo

    sorry if this is a regular, couldn’t find much via google
    apart form letting air out presumably, and wrapping in case of leaky fkuid, anything i should know about this?

    anyone had any problems with security etc?
    they won’t be part of a bike or in a bike bag, just in my normal hold luggage

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    ask the airline really and be prepared to check the bag, depending on where you are flying from I’d suggest going to security before check in and asking. It’s a lottery really these days.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Its shouldn’t really be an issue.

    If they were attached to a bike no one would bat an eyelid.

    Holds are pressurized anyway so removing the air from the fork isn’t really necessary either

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    ah sorry read as hand luggage. No reason at all you couldn’t put them in the hold.


    Depends how stoppy security get. A set of forks is a fairly decent weapon to be swinging around a cabin (in their view possibly).

    Remember bringing a (boxed) golf putter back home with me on a flight – the jobsworth had a right strop/huff at me, and (for one reason and another) marched me all the way to the terminal gate and thrust it into the hands of the staff member arranging boarding demanding it be stored securely etc.

    Fair dues to the gate guy – he waited until the security person had stormed off back to harrang other people, shrugged, smiled and promptly gave it back to me with a wink.

    EDIT; Sorry, yes, no problems with hold luggage! Presumably they are boxed/wrapped securely?

    Premier Icon simon1975

    I did that once; took air out so I could compress them right down; never even considered that Security might take exception…

    But, yes, ask the airline in advance and at least you’ll have a bit of paper to wave at whichever jobsworth takes exception 😉

    Premier Icon euans2


    How do you get the guy was a jobs worth? He actually done you a favour by taking you to the aircraft and letting the airline staff make a decision (that goes against DFT guidelines) at the airport where I work you wouldn’t have been given the chance to take it in the cabin!


    thought this was another Malaysian Airliner theory thread

    as you were..

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Would be also worth while checking that the amount of oil in the forks does not exceed the limit for hand luggage. 100ml IIRC.

    Premier Icon skellnonch

    Never let air out of my forks when travelling, never had a problem, been asked to let the air out of my tyres before now which is pointless too IMO.

    Having said that… its all very well to have a bit of paper to wave about, but its the staff in the airport who will decide regardless of what your bit of paper says.

    We had a punch up recently with Easyjet when they briefly changed their bike carriage from 32kgs down to 23kg we booked and had documents to show that we had 32kg allowance – they changed it to 23 a week before we flew.

    They completely ignored our paperwork and protestations and wanted to charge us a fuckton of money for the extra, I insisted they checked the notes on our booking – luckily someone had specified that we were indeed allocated 32kg so everything calmed down and we went on our way.


    HOLD luggage


    yes thanks everyone; HOLD luggage : )
    hadn’t really clocked holds were pressurised.
    should be alright then.
    cheers all

    Premier Icon njee20

    Why is everyone reading it as hand luggage?! Very odd 😕

    It’ll be absolutely fine, there’s no inherent need to let the air out, the hold’s pressurised, but the airline may ask you too.

    You’re using your hands to hold luggage?

    Won’t that spread germs n stuff?

    Better off with one with wheels if you ask me, and some thick sterile gloves.

    As for the forks, the damping might get a bit erratic if they get homesick and start leaking fluid… to even out the suspension, you should get a culture shock.

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