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  • Air bridges and eurotunnel
  • Premier Icon igm
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    Does anyone know if, assuming there is an “air bridge” deal with France, whether this is likely to cover using the Eurotunnel?
    I’m thinking quarantine-wise rather than can I take the car through the tunnel.

    Premier Icon chrismac
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    We are trying to find out the same. We have ferry ticket for mid July that we would like to use but can’t if we have to do 2 weeks quarantine on our return

    Premier Icon myti
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    I think we’ll have to wait till the 29th to find out

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    We should have been travelling out tomorrow on the Tunnel, Lake Garda and the Italian Alps, they have swapped it for a voucher to be used in the next 12 months. Daughter will use it to spend as much time in the Alps that she can once the FO change the stance on travel so the insurance covers her.

    Premier Icon igm
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    You telling me DomCum isn’t an STW subscriber?

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny
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    I ‘think’ they are referring to it as ‘travel corridors’ as well as ‘air bridges’. I hope so anyway 🙂

    No doubt it will be just as clear as BoJos last big press conference

    Premier Icon julians
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    I’d imagine it will cover any means of travel from the specified countries. But who knows for certain until an official announcement is made.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man
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    I think they’d have a hell of a job getting an Airbus A380 through the Eurotunnel!

    Premier Icon Malvern Rider
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    Airbus A380

    Wait. What?

    A passenger jet? Bozo et al lied to us again? All hype and hope disguised as a shabby flight to Covid Del Sol?

    An actual air bridge:

    Not an air bridge:

    Also – not a ‘garden bridge‘:

    A real ‘garden bridge’:

    (Imagine some gnomes playing cards)

    Premier Icon joshvegas
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    Garden bridge

    Premier Icon tekp2
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    We’re booked on a ferry 17 July, and are assuming that the silly quarantine posturing will be sorted by then. Expecting announcement this weekend, and no distinction made by mode of travel.

    Ferry confirmed it will be running, and campsite opened this week. Crossing fingers that the passport office get my son’s new passport to us in time…

    Premier Icon ocrider
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    Best of luck with that, @tekp2.
    I’ve recently applied for renewal, old passport received on the 16th according to the tracking, but I’m still getting emails asking me to send it to them.

    Premier Icon rickmeister
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    Just did this on a FB group.. best is to check here and each country you want to go to…

    Austria for instance, no uk visitor entry unless with a medical cert no older than 4 days saying Covid Free. It differs for each country.

    Premier Icon gilesmartin81
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    We have cancelled our entry to Enduro 2 this year which i s now in August as there are too many variables between now and then to commit properly.

    It looks like Alps riding is on hold until next year.

    Premier Icon mjrose
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    A couple on the california forum have already made it across to France via the eurotunnel. No paperwork or questions posed and no suggestion to quarantine in France.

    There may be quarantine issues when they return of course but for me, Europe is now open.

    Premier Icon beinbhan
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    Friend of mine drove out to France on the 15th straight through border control not asked where she was going or for any other info. Also heard that people are not getting stopped on the way into UK and asked where there going

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