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  • Air Bike Forks – anyone tried them?
  • Premier Icon joeydeacon
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    Was looking at cheap-ish straight steerer 26″ air forks with lockout (stealth ad if anyone’s got any Rebas etc for sale?!) for an old school build, and came across Air Bike Forks via eBay – anyone used/heard of them?

    Dirt cheap, low weight.. anyone had a go on a pair? Basically £100 for 100mm air fork with lockout weighing about 1.6kg..

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain
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    They’re widely recommended by dentists and cosmetic surgeons nation wide.

    In all seriousness, at that price point and weight, they’re likely to be at the very least horrid if not out right dangerous so would fit a retro build perfect.

    I’ve not followed the link but there are plenty of “fox alike” forks from Ali express etc at lower prices than that if you’re willing to gamble.

    That’s (supposedly) a 26″ sid, carbon crown and steerer at 1595g

    Draw your conclusions.

    Premier Icon wzzzz
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    Look like LUTU forks all over aliexpress

    few vids on youtube

    he likes em

    these guys dont

    Premier Icon sync
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    Aren’t these effectively rebranded suntour epicon / epicon copies with gold stanchions and funky lockout design added. Chassis, wheel size, steer options & weight all look the same and the 100-140mm travel variants as the epicons were internally adjustable.

    Premier Icon trumpton
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    You can pick up genuine new manitous for not much more.

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