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  • Aggressive signs abutting Rights of Way
  • sbob

    Aggravated trespass is the criminal offence, which means damage caused.

    I can assure you it is not difficult for the police to find damage if they want to.

    Need more signs like this which get much more respect….

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Tymbians neighbour could do with one of those.


    Here it is.

    As you can see it’s all in capitals. I picture a bitter older woman speaking through clenched teeth as she says ‘you can walk across the 2 fields next to my house and back again . . . . if you wish’

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    It’s the use of the colour red as well as capital letters, it screams aggression. 😐

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    I was thinking about adding a sign to my footpath saying ‘Cyclists also welcome’ and sit back and wait for the moaners to start telling me I can’t do it! Kind of the opposite problem I guess

    Ah, go on…

    Premier Icon JoeG


    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    I love that sign near the Leathers Smithy in Macc (posted above) it’s just bizarre.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    cinnamon_girl – Member
    It’s the use of the colour red as well as capital letters, it screams aggression.

    Maybe they should use Comic Sans in a nice, calming pastel green?

    Premier Icon oink1

    eddiebaby – Member
    Sounds great! Like having free Disney animatronic garden gnomes.


    Premier Icon richmtb

    My favourite is “No Turning”

    Really! 🙂

    Guess who’s driveway I’ll be using to turn around then. 😀


    I doubt its an old post man walk or anything. Its a failure of the UK RoW system.

    You can clearly see it finishes on the boundary of the national park.

    Which is probably the boundary of the civil parish.

    Its probably a different planner who drew up the other definitive map.
    So on one side its a footpath and the other nothing on the whims of 2 people in the 50’s.

    There’s load of examples of these all round. Often a bridleway turns into a footpath on a CP boundary !

    Premier Icon senor j

    Over the past three years , there’s been an increase in “get orf my land” signs near me -usually on shooting grounds. Big business round here.


    A lot of people have a very poor understanding of the right to roam, which means some plain language is required, especially if you are undertaking hazardous activities.
    That said, at least twice a year someone will ignore the ‘keep out – tree felling’ sign, step over the tape/climb fence/jump barrier and wander into our felling site. The language is very basic then.
    Sat navs are also sending the illiterate to destinations that aren’t wanting them, lot of people in our yard looking for a waterfall 3 valleys away due to missing letters. They will have also driven past the no vehicle access, private road sign if they are in our yard.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    See, I’m not reading that red part of the sign as aggressive.

    It makes me think “This is the important bit”

    And if I had livestock in a field that my livelihood depended on, I might want people to really understand that they should keep dogs on leads and not approach them.

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