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  • Age & Eyesight
  • aphex_2k

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 5.

    Last birthday I was 42. As well as being T1 diabetic, my eyes are getting old. At my last opticians appt we discussed the next script would likely be multi focal lenses. My ‘script is already fubar (astigmatic in one eye…. Also long sighted in one and near sighted in the other)

    Just looking at the screen now it’s just not right even with my glasses on. I’m thinking I’m probs gonna go for some “special” lenses. Just wondered how people get on with them, pros n cons to standard lenses? Is it really noticeable to have variable strengths in each lense? I used to laugh at people wearing glasses, who would borrow other people’s glasses to read text on a menu or the back of a jar. Jokes on me now (har har speccy 4 eyes).

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Just been through this as I’ve moved to varifocals.  I’ve been wearing single vision contacts for 20 years.

    Glasses – after a period of slight adjustment / learning to move your head up and down to look through the different part of the lens, its fine & easy, becomes natural.  Just get some stylish glasses.

    Contacts – rubbish for me.  I had three options:

    a) Varifocal lenses – left with with the feeling of 85% total prescription all distances, wasn’t comfortable and abandoned the idea, plus they were twice the cost.

    b) Mono Vision – wearing the correct distance lens in one eye only, the brain corrects the rest.  Better than a) above bit still a compromise – probably 90% of perfect vision all distances

    c) Wearing my glasses most of the time, and wearing normal contacts when needed / for cycling accepting the fact that it’ll be trick to read at close distance but hopefully I won’t need to.

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    Ive recently started using varifocals, they’re ok.

    ive worn contacts for 30 years, im short sighted, but im now, also longsighted as well, so when i wear contacts i can read a number plate at like 180feet, but I can’t see the time on my watch.

    ive tried multifocal contacts, but they don’t really work for me tbh, it took six months of experiments to find that out. i reckon what i should have done, is just get single prescription lenses and take them off to see anything close. Of course, thats not so easy for you, having such a big difference between eyes.

    sorry i cant be more help, ymmv etc.


    I can’t really do contacts. I tried them but had the ?toric weighted ones with my astigmatism but they were a pain to put in and I need to keep everything spotlessly clean due to my diabetes and risk of retinopathy, glaucoma etc. Too much hassle and happy with glasses. Just a bit sad that I’m getting old(er). Have just spent the last 2 months going to physio (deep tissue massage, knotted muscles and dry needling) with a neck injury so I’m a bit down in the dumps I guess.


    Just a bit sad that I’m getting old(er)

    Yeah I have just been through a similar experience in December. Finally I need glasses for everything – not just reading – and it was all a bit of a downer when you realise it won’t get any better. After a couple of weeks of struggling with varifocals I went back to single vision distance and reading glasses, and also a single contact for distance when doing sport.

    It’s ok now, everything is good and you get used to it. You will get over it, believe me!


    50 yrs old here – glasses since I was 16. Switched to varifocals last year – meant to be just for work (so were set for close/medium work) but now my standard ones (which I was meant to be continuing to wear away from the desk) don’t get used at all as I can’t bear them – I have simply got used to the varifocals.

    I do still take them off when doing any kind of close up work (ie, fixing a plug or anything like that).

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    I’ve worn specs for over 50 years, pretty high prescription. Varifocals for quite a while now and no issues .

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