Afternoon free round Harrogate Stainburn/Harewood?

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  • Afternoon free round Harrogate Stainburn/Harewood?
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    If it were me I’d repeatedly post the same thread on stw for the afternoon 🙂

    Stainburn is great, its not like anything else around really. Very short red lap, nice descent, pretty technical.

    I managed it on my hardtail (although did fall) but would prefer it on a full sus first time round. I’ve only been twice myself.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Yeah sorry wwas, smart home signal issues!
    Got your attention though

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Ooooh, I’ve said I’ll help set up at Ard Rock enduro on Friday, Buuuuut not heard anything yet as to when to show up, if I’m wanted on friday or just for marshalling on the Sat. So I may be at a loose end on Friday afternoon, in which case could meet you up at the ‘Burn, show you about and possibly indulge in a little bit of a Meta Am love in! 😀 But no it’s ace place and not as scary as its rep.

    Assume I’m busy but I’ll post up if I’m not, or PM you on COC if that’s more likely to get your attention.

    From Harewood (park on Wike Lane) you could do the Meanwood Valley Trail, or Bridleways out to East Kewick, over the Wharfe and then up to Kirkby Overblow, Pint, back to Harewood along road, cross the Wharfe on road bridge, and then right and into the estate and weave back to car alond estate Bridleways, enjoyingh the plentitude of Red Kites as you go.


    Stainburn on the red/black then over the road and up in to the forestry stuff that has some excellent cheeky lines all over the place, I had a few hours up there on saturday was loads to go at, apart from the obvious lines.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Have a work meeting tomorrow just south of Harrogate and I’m hoping it will finish around lunchtime
    Was going to take the bike up and grab a couple of cheeky hours
    Stainburn isn’t really my thing but I fancy checking it out and then stopping off for a potter round Harewood
    – anyone got any route suggestions?
    – do I take the racy Ti hardtail or full Suss (hardtail would be better round Harewood I imagine but will it make Stainburn too more of a struggle for the technically inept?)

    Not feeling overly fit at the moment so really after more of a gentle potter just to get the legs and lungs working again

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Cheers homer but looking at the weather forecast I think I will be too busy wringing myself out after my site visit to get even more saturated on the bike 🙁
    Probably leave it at home and take the snowboard to xscape on the way back instead

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