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  • Aftermarket GoPro chest mount?
  • I’ve got plenty of ebay mounts, all seem ok, got an original chest mount though so cant comment on that. there is/was one on d-x for about 8 iirc as well.


    Good to know that other ebay mounts are ok.
    Didn’t want to end up with rattling or whatever on the camera’s first outing next week.

    my friend uses this one…he says its fine …hes had a gopro official one before and says the quality isnt as good and probably wouldnt last a hefty crash but well worth the money



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    Think you’ve got to be skeptical of any company that uses photos of the official kit in their advert for their knockoffs, why not show their one?

    Mind you, the chest harness isn’t exactly complicated.


    Hi all,

    Has anyone used one of the aftermarket GoPro chest mounts – and are they equal quality to the original one do you think?

    I’m just trying to save myself a tenner… the camera cost me enough already 😯


    Looking at this one:

    the mounts are fine, but the nuts and bolts are pap, but you get enough of those bits in the go pro kit


    You can make a backpack strap mount from the vented helmet mount or the GoPro 3 packaging. It works well for skiing but I’ve not tried it on the bike; might be a bit shaky but it’s worth a shot. Search YouTube for instructions.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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