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  • mildred

    Can anyone recommend a blind maker/fitter to supply blinds for the upper half of our bifold doors?

    It’s the upper triangle shape that’s the issue. That is, the bit above the bifolds that’s angled to the shape of the roof.

    The problem we have is that each one is slightly different size & shape, & were installed by the previous house owner. We’ve tried Hilary’s et al to to no avail.

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    Do you have a picture?

    Im struggling to visualise what your describing.

    We got all the blinds for our house from 24/7 blinds.


    24/7 here as well

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    a pic would help and what kind of blinds do you want?

    The shape limits your options

    ex blind fitter

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    Sounds like you need pleated or pinolium blinds. The concertina type ones you see on conservatories.

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    Whereabouts are you based?
    Could make a difference to local recommendations.
    If York/East Yorkshire then I can recommend a company called Pocklington Blinds


    In Notts.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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