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  • Afan Photos (Attempted Arty Content!)
  • Premier Icon Alex

    Just back from Afan. Trails superb, frozen, hard and offering up so much grip if you run tyres nice and low pressure. Car parks rammed, trails no so. Call of the Cafe was strong! Yesterday was the coldest windchill I’ve ridden in for a long time. But Whytes/Wall/Penhydd was a superb way to spend a winters day.

    Decided to try something different with photos. Went for high contrast, blur, B&W to try and make the most of the light. Not sure it was successful but seemed a good time to experiment!

    Traditional – Andy Whytes Level

    Going for the big blur

    Trying to make use of the fantastic light

    High Contrast B&W

    Portrait of a very cold man!

    Some more Here

    Last year we went at exactly the same time and it was gloopy and horrible. After two days riding, the bikes are DUSTY! I’m thinking of that as a pre-cursor to a good summer 🙂

    Just what he said – was at Afan yesterday, bloody freezing but super dry and super quick … not convinced we should start thinking about summer yet though 🙂

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Just had a phone call from a mate who’s been at Afan, he said the same – VERY cold but amazingly dry, he’s had a great couple of days biking. Nice pics.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Some of the best riding of the year I think. Definitely the first time we’ve come back from a trip and not had to clean the bikes. There was dust DUST on the fork stantions! Might slip over there on Thursday as well… worth a bit of ear-ache to go ride those trails again.

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