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  • AEG Hobs and Extractors anyone?
  • slowjo

    I have withstood pressures to get the kitchen sorted for a very, very long time and finally am facing the prospects of having to get a new one.

    The Project Manager is researching busily and is sort of keen on an AEG hob and extractor hood combo.

    I know that in the past, people on here have warned against AEG for dishwashers, fridges/freezers etc. Does the same apply to induction hobs and extractors or should I table a motion whereby we source alternatives? If the latter, any recommendations?


    AEG hob been working fine for 10 years, paired with a Zanussi extractor which has also been fine

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    Over priced Zanussi stuff in my opinion.

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    I’ve used AEG stuff for years and it’s been just fine.


    Aeg cooker here. On its sixth year fitted in a new kitchen, never missed a beat.


    Thanks all!

    I’ll keep quiet then! 8)


    Probably not relevant to you if your looking at induction hob’s, but we have an AEG hob a bit like this…

    and it’s horribly dangerous. The minimalist pan supports are no way safe, the pan only has to be slightly off centre and it slides off. I keep on meaning to change it out for something safer.

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    We kitted our kitchen with AEG hob oven and extractor a few years back and they’ve been faultless until recently. We are having a small problem with the hob in that the lights that tell you how high the burner is are sticking. It’s something to do with a small plastic ring that drives the pot underneath that isn’t gripping the key on the bottom of the knob as well as it should. Either that or someone has spilled something down there or sprayed some dodgy chemicals in there. Could be anything and I won’t know for sure until I take it apart at some point.

    I wouldn’t say I can’t fault it but it’s been mostly good.



    AEG gas hob, extractor, oven and fridge – all installed 10 years ago when the kitchen was fitted.

    Hob is excellent, extractor is noisy but otherwise good, oven had an element replaced a few years ago.

    AEG dishwasher packed up a few years ago – blocked metering thing and uneconomical to repair which is common on them). Was replaced with Bosch which seems OK.

    Would fit AEG again.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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