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  • Any chance of your own thoughts on the sections mentioned above Aebikeshop?

    Its pretty obvious that the reletively new section that cuts out the fireroad climb is unpopular. Is that gonna be trageted?


    My opinion is the same as a lot of the posts.

    I feel it lacks the flow and interest of the other stanes and the surface on a few of the climbing sections particularly the new climb is crazily rough.

    It's a pity as it's the closest stane for me but it's the one I visit least. If things change I'd definitely visit far more regularly.

    I also agree the shop and cafe are excellent.


    i personally don't know how your appealing to for info here.. Locals or visitors to scotland.

    personally as a visitor i won't be returning to Ae (welcome comments maybe in some peoples eyes) unless improvements are dramatic.

    The only "interesting part" was omega man. burns burms (as they were) have no flow and it's like riding landscape after the preditor has blown up.
    That boardwalk stuff! what the heck…. thats for that… like riding over B&Q decking for no reason what so ever!
    The decent into the valley/stream then out again.. hmm yer what a waste of all that climbing (plus there were tree's down on the climb too)

    Loads of diversions.. closures and trail damage.. HATE the surface too… get a cheap job lot from somewhere?

    always hear good things from the DH boys about Ae but thats above my level…


    rode it 3 days ago and….

    trail is actually not too bad. Found the first lap frustrating (first rider of the day, 8:30am, so got extremely wet with the wet bushes).
    2ND lap i rode quicker, bout 15 mins faster and the trail seemed to flow alot better
    needs some cutting back, overgrown alot in alot of areas and reading the trail was difficult, sometimes seeing it was difficult as well. Thte new stone bit was hard, not flowing at all so hated it 1st lap, but liked the grind of the 2nd lap. Could do with some time spent on it and money but overall not too bad. It does have 5 main trail centre issues though
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Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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