Ae, Dalbeattie and Mabie in a day – doable for the average guy before dark

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  • Ae, Dalbeattie and Mabie in a day – doable for the average guy before dark
  • At short notice I’m at a loose end tomorrow and have come up with a plan.

    I’m aiming to start at Ae around 9:30. With minimum faffage, can I do these (red routes, maybe with dome black options) at a reasonable pace and drive (legally) between them and be done before dark? With a stop for lunch.

    Or is it going to be a mad mad rush? I’m comfy with the total cycling distance – it’s the driving bit that’s got me confused.

    Anyone done these in a day?

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    Suppose it really depends on how average your average is πŸ˜‰ I’ve done Ae and Mabie in a day including time spent on the DH at Ae and skills bit at Mabie, and it was tiring but not at the edge of my ability. y I’m fitter than your average mountain biker but probably less fit than most of the real enthusiasts.

    It did take a good chunk of time though and in all honesty I’d rather do 2 well, than 3 on economy mode.

    Thanks Northwind – I appreciate that advice. I’m sure I can get two in, but am just wondering if 3 is utterly crazy. I think I’ll do the first 2 and see how I feel / where the sun is. I’m charging up the lights now just in case!

    I did all three in a day about this time last year.

    There was little time for stopping for lunch, I ate in the car (like a famished animal) whilst driving between them.

    I started at Dalbeattie at 8am, then headed to Ae and finished at Mabie as I was camping there. Had plenty of light left to wash, cook etc but it was a tough day.

    Enjoy πŸ™‚

    I’ve done that a while back when I was relatively unfit, started at Ae, went to Mabie then Dalbeattie to finish. Fish and chips at the end from the chip shop in Dalbeattie…. nom.

    It’s not that bad, 75km, but it’s trail centre riding, and you’ll be out for longer because of the driving.

    I did that in April I think, so similar level of light to now, and we didn’t finish in the dark, and weren’t hooning it around.

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    Also, tbh I’d definately rather ride Kiroughtree and Drumlanrig, than Ae Mabie and Dalbeattie πŸ˜‰ Though I hear Drum is a bit sodden just now.

    Thanks Yeti and scratcher. Looks like I’ve got myself a “stetch goal” for the morning! 2 of the 3 would be great, but 3/3 for the bonus.

    I’ll ask in the deli for “like a famished animal” packed lunch: and see what they can do!

    Northwind – I’m just trying to get somewhere new. I been to those which are great (esp Kiroughtree) but I had a bizzare situation in GT this afternoon where there seemed to be 200,000 cars parked in the Peel (and the roads around it) and a million folk in the cafe, and I couldnt get moving on the trails for unfriendly grumpy folk so I decided on something brand new tomorrow.

    You’ll get the three done, Ae and Mabie are pretty quick blasts, so once you’ve done them you’ve got the awesome red at Dalbeattie to look forward too; there’ll be no stopping then πŸ™‚

    Good luck buddy, wish I was up that way tomorrow too.

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    GT was mentally busy today wasn’t it… Demo day brought in some extra people I think. Some really big groups out in the morning (and weird about it too, riding in gigantic end-to-end convoys past us down pennel’s vennel) but once we got out riding in the afternoon it was business as usual…

    Well… Seems to me, the thing to do is to knock out the first one at a suitable pace, then move on to the next and just see how things go. If you can do it without ruining the rides, then why not?

    GT was mentally busy today wasn’t it…

    The master of understatement. I’ve only ever been to GT on a Saturday twice in my life. Jeez! It was like this (except everyone was on bikes!):


    Premier Icon Northwind

    Quite funny how badly the new car park is working too… People parked right up the road, everything clogged up because nobody understands the one-way system, and for the same reason the top car park was half empty because nobody knows it’s there, as you have to follow the road to get there. Quite comically bad.

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    It was the Hub last ride out and BBQ at GT today which probably made it lots busier, I wanted to go but was too hungover.

    The new car parking does seem to be a mess, I’m sure there is less space in the new car park than there used to be? I still think the whole new development is just a bit of a cock-up. There was raw sewage flowing down the road on wednesday night too, mmmmm.

    Ronan – Drumlanrig is awesome and not that far away. Bit more testing than most of the main GT trails too.


    Do it Ae, mabie, Dalbettie or in the reverse order of that, that way you want be wasting time doubling back on your self in the car, ive done Dalbettie and mabie in the same day with no probs with time, but that was me at the end of my fitness…. I couldn’t have managed Ae….

    Luv drumlanrig, you could do drum black, Ae then mabie, bung lights on your bike then do dalbettie πŸ˜€


    And the answer is: only if you get out of bed on time!

    Still had a good attempt: due to the later start changed the plan to Drumlanrig, Ae and Mabie.

    After Drum… and Ae (3pm ish partly due to R mech dying) realised that it was going to get dark so Mabie was out (I really didnt want to ride somewhere new in the dark) went back and did another 1/2 lap at Drumlanrig (up to the “bail out”). Bloody knackered now – I think I overdid it this weekend.

    Anyways, I’ll be back! What great trails – 90 mins away. Drumlanrig is ace in the rain btw – a proper root sliding giggleathon.

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