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  • acidchunks

    Easy now stw,

    A year of riding in my Endura Humvees on an almost daily basis has worn out the 3 rows of stitching at 4 points where arse meets saddle…Apart from that they’re in great condition and I’m not keen on binning them.

    I was wondering if any of you have any experience with or advice on re-stitching similar items of mtb apparel. Basically trying to find out what sort of thread others might have used and how successful your efforts were.

    Thinking about it, I should probably repost this on mumsnet…



    Black Duct Tape patch works for me!


    Give them to your girlfriend/mum/alterations shop.


    I don’t have any experience to pass on but I bet you could find some kind of sewing/thimble/lady shop that could repair using a decent caliber thread? Support the local economy and keep your junk safe.

    Premier Icon puncturo

    When I’m not doing cross-stitch I always sew up my riding gear with dental floss. The stuff’s indestructible, and you’ll always have a minty fresh rear end!


    I took three pairs of Pearl Izumi bibs and a pair of 3/4 bibs into my local alteration shop to get repaired. Damn good shorts that had been holed by the Velcro strap of my seat pack. I instructed them to cut up the 3/4s to recycle the Lycra to repair the shorts.

    They had some Lycra in stock and repaired all four pairs for £10.


    christ,some needle and thread.nylon thread is stronger.but two goes of thinner thread is better than one of thicker.
    a stitch in time and all that.
    is true.


    cheers for the suggestions 🙂

    If I can get them fixed professionally for a tenner I think I’m best off going down that route rather than make a pigs ear of it myself!

    …although a spearmint flavoured backside does sound somewhat appealing. heh heh.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I’ve repaired kit in the past. Jackets, packs etc. Got the thread from a sewing shop. It’s really strong, garots your hands if you try & break it. I’ve sewn tyres up with it in the past. It’s made by Gutermann, & the code is M782.

    First time I’ve ever posted on a “What thread for…..” thread.


    gutermann,ah.and so many colours…
    but yo’re better off doing it yourself.unless it’s a big job.I find all my mtb stuff get holes in it from thorns ripping bits off my top and arms.
    you can get a lot of strange silicon thread,for stitching elastic stuff.or a sort of elastic thread.but I think it’s made for sewing machines.
    and get a’ll probably have to special order a man-sized one.or get a bit of thick leather and make your own.

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