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  • Advice please – car misting up.
  • fatboyjon

    No smutty comments please.

    Our car windows are completely misting every morning now its getting colder and take ages to clear, any hints welcome please.

    Thanks all.


    When you put the fan on to demist the car open the window – works faster ans lets the moisture out.


    Your car got air con? If so, switch it on.

    Premier Icon seven

    If you have Air Con apparently this helps, I've never tried it myself, but friends swear by it


    Clean the windscreen with an alcohol based cleaner.

    Not sure why this seems to be happening – just changed cars myself and got the same problem – it never happened before with any of my previous cars – strange?

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    Clean the inside of the windows. Dirty windows steam up much more readily than clean windows.

    Buy some Fog X stuff from Halfords for a couple of quid and apply it. Works a treat. It can also be used to stop sun glasses and goggles from steaming up. Hell, I even apply it to the mirrors in the bathroom so they dont steam up after a shower.

    Worth checking you don't have water ingress and wet carpets. Lift your mats and check its dry.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    air con works by removing the moisture so if your car will let you heaters on recirc on and aircon on (some wont let you do this) clear and dry, if not get some of those chammy style spounges


    Check the front carpet for dampness. Could be a burst heater matrix. VW Golfs used to be prone to this.


    My car's only done 28k and new(ish) condition, it's a Ford Focus btw


    some Focii have electric windscreen heating. Mine doesn't, but the aircon+demist works a treat.

    Again check for dampness anywhere inside the car.


    1) clean windows inside
    2) Put some bags of silica gel in the door pockets.
    3) Put a tray of salt under the seat



    I know it seems obvious but check you've not left the ventilation system on recirculating instead of fresh air. We did that with our car once and it does mist up and stay misted up!!!

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Is it an old Seat Leon? The door seals go so water seeps in and you'll not be able to demist it again from now till about May.


    Do you turn the aircon on as suggested, it could need recharging which might explain why it's getting worse.


    I'd put money on either busted heater matrix or water ingress


    Anyone know what's best for this on older cars (no Aircon in Doris the Honda).

    Every morning I go to her and the windows are dripping wet on the inside, then mist up a lot. This only started happening after I left some soggy kit in there for 2 days, but I've had the windows down for over 2 hours of driving and it's still moist in there.

    Pollen filter might be wet? Drawing air through a wet one of those may cause the car to steam up.

    But like others have said make sure all your carpets and mats are dry first.


    but I've had the windows down for over 2 hours of driving and it's still moist in there.


    You can buy these little sandbag type things(great description)from Halfords et al, which you place under the seats and they absorb moisture.


    >Is it an old Seat Leon?


    As above turning on the aircon does the biz…. right until it gets to proper winter and the VAG aircon won't come on when external temp < 5 degC



    What year is the Focus? Some earlier models had the pollen filter under the front wiper trim/scuttle,If not resealed properly they would leak water into the footwell causing misting troubles.

    Is the rear wiper wash working? The pipe runs down the ns front lower sill of the car and i have seen these burst or come adrift near the passenger footwell.

    Has the car had any accident repairs done? Any badly fitting doors/seals/grommets will give water ingress/misting problems,as suggested above unusually wet carpets would be a possible result.

    If the heater matrix has gone (higher mileage) you would notice a srong smell (coolant)A drop at the coolant level resevoir,and poor heating,Its common in engines with the wrong spec coolant corrosion Inhibitors added.


    My 05 focus demists significantly quicker with the ac on. My 206 won't demist at all without the ac on.


    206s/306s are prone to heater matrix leaks! and bad de-misting (dash board out) 😥


    auto glym screen cleaner works a beaut

    ok so the screen does still mist up but clears realy quickly


    wait until the temps drop and you can scrape the ice off the inside, its excellent, it feels like its snowing in your car 😀 or do what the others say.

    Premier Icon speaker2animals

    If the car has had the windscreen replaced it may be a faulty seal. I know a couple people who's car was co
    promised once this was done. You're stuffed too as it's one of those faults that are so hard to correct.

    Maybe take all carpets out and take in house to dry.

    Also some of the holes that penetrate the cabin should be sealed but sometimes aren't

    Hire a dehumidifier?


    A manky pollen filter in my Vectra was a cause of not demisting.
    as it was a bit clogged up it was as though in was on recirculation mode.
    A tenner lighter and five minutes later all was well.


    havent read most of the above but damp or knackered window/door seals may be the problem, my old pug 306 was a sod in the cold weather


    Make sure you don't have Recirculation turned on?


    Fords are bad for water seals leaking or letting water in.

    Check all doors and window seals.

    Check windows are closed fully.

    Check for leaks. Keep an eye on your coolent tank.

    Garage your car and see if it fogs up overnight.

    Ring Ford and ask for advice.


    My wife has a focus estate, no probs yet. My brother in law has a mondeo and water leaks in through the rear door. Its a well known problem. There is a panel inside the door that moves and the water coming in past the seals on the glass runs down and comes in by the inside trim panel. The rear well then fills up and it eventually runs into the front. The rear doors have to be striped and the panel put back in place. Its a real fiddle but its the only way to sort it.

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