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  • lee93

    Looking to get a steel frame powder coated

    Is it just a case of picking the colour and telling the to do it?

    Or do I need to seal the threads up for the bb and where the headset inserts?

    Any advice much appreciated


    I got a mid 90’s Kona powder coated by these guys Link.

    I just took them the stripped down frame, chose the colour and they sealed all the threads for me. Top job in about a week and cost about £50 I seem to recall.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Main hint i have is to ask around, not all powdercoaters are the same. A good coater will have the knowledge and skill to mask/seal it up properly for you, that’s a useful indicator when you’re dealing with them, if they don’t know, and don’t demonstrate that they know how important it is with bikes, then walk away.

    Motorbike crossover is good- you know Triple S and ESP do good work because if they didn’t, some large bearded man would have murdered them by now.

    If it’s steel you could get it stove enamelled – even nicer.


    A set of old bb cups loosely threaded in will protect the bb threads, and possibly some old headset cups half pressed into the frame.

    Nothing you’ll want to re-use though obviously, as these are just a good (sacrificial) way of keeping the bores/threads clean


    With a good coater the answer would be yes. I’d still go through my concerns with them as a conversation is easy than fixing the problem.


    Definitely best to use someone who regularly does bike/motorbike stuff, in Preston are meant to be very good

    Premier Icon jairaj

    I had a frame coated by someone who did not specialise in bikes. I simply explained what needed be masked before hand. Frame came back with no issues and a really good finish. I think as long as you explain it you should be fine.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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