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  • MrGman

    Hi All,

    Well i never saw myself posting a ‘what bike’ thread as i’ve always been so sure when buying before!

    Previous bikes have been, specialized sx trail, yeti 575 and a cannondale jekyll, i sold them all about a year ago and am finally in a position to get a new bike, i’m after just one bike this time though, which is where the problem lies.

    I do a mixture of riding, locally it’ll be some local trails, with trips to bedgebury, friston, the downs and so on, but i’d also like to get back to going to wales and other trail centres around the south as much as time/money permits.

    I’d like to try and find something that fits between my old yeti 575 and my old sx trail, the sx was just too much for my local riding although i use to love it on the bigger stuff, the yeti was brilliant for my local stuff but on the bigger stuff it always felt too fragile and just not man enough to cope with how i like to ride.

    The bike i keep coming back to now is a 2013 lapierre zesty 314 (budget of up to about £2.5k ideally) what else should i be looking at? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    Premier Icon danti

    Turner 5 spot – plenty of 2nd hand frames/bikes around (here/pinkbike/ebay).
    Not trying to sell one – previous owner and would definitely fit between 575 and SX.


    I have looked at them but 1. they’re pretty expensive and 2. i’m really not keen on the looks. I need a bike i like the look of too 8)

    I would consider getting a secondhand frame and doing a build, this is how i’ve usually gone about my bikes as it’s so much cheaper in the long run.


    I might have 5 Spot frame for sale soon…


    for that budget you can get the 2014 Zesty, and with a bit of haggling, maybe a Kona Process 153


    2.5k well spent 😀

    Pic is from here


    Cube Stereo SHPC 160 Race Blackline, ok, it’s not got the snappiest name. However for £2458 from Bike you get a full carbon, 160mm travel bike, around 12kg, which I know is good at pretty much everything and is my current one bike does it all ( in the 29er though for me)


    Kona Process 153 for £2500 I could do that for ya Pike forks sick geometry very nice bike

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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