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    You’ll be fine.

    Arm and leg pads and a regular helmet is what I’ve always used.

    Big brakes – deffo.

    Tyres depends on whether you ride the terrain or batter through it 😳

    The big climbs are planned with the lunch stop after so I wouldn’t worry, P&L know what they’re doing.

    I’m always last up the climbs and it never bothers me 😀

    i rode my giant faith for 2 years..44lbs 😯
    the hike a bike up to the ultimate wasn’t pretty though!


    Would be keen to get some advice from past BV guests. I’m going end of June and wondering what to expect regarding the riding, amount of climbing and how this influences kit choices.

    I’ve been to the Alps plenty of times (TrailAddiction most recently) including Verbier a couple of times as part of a DIY holiday. As we’ve usually used lifts (with some minor climbs) I’ve always ‘gone large’ and used full face lid, full leg and elbow pads, dual ply maxxis, 200mm discs and coil shocks front and rear on my Alpine 160. This would have been my set up for BV, but after looking at pics on the website, and knowing some of the other guys in my group will be on more lightweight kit it looks like a half lid, air shocks, knee pads, dropper post and lighter tyres may be more suitable (backcountry seems to be the term used).

    I’m still tempted to run the bike as burly as it will go, just due to the downhill severity, but stick with a half lid and knee pads and put up with struggling up the climbs.

    Any info on your experiences would be appreciated to avoid me packing the kitchen sink and bringing half of it back unused. I’m due to email Lucy next week, so will ask the same question then.



    Cheers for that. As I expected really. I’ll run dual ply minions tubeless, which saves a bit of weight and if I’m running coil forks and shock it encourages a bit of battering.

    I rode with BV in 2007 on a Pike equipped Giant Reign. I wore a standard lid and arm/knee pads. I had a hoot of a time with a bunch of Swedes on DH/FR bikes with the full pressure-suit setups and full facers.

    I could keep up in the twisty technical stuff, but on any open line-of-sight stuff I daren’t match their speed. My conclusion is that ANY BIKE is OK, your ability and bravery are the limiting factors.

    The Swedes suffered 2 hospitalisations – one multiple broken limbs, the other a broken NECK. I was right behind her and I swear I heard it snap…

    A fantastic week with splendid trails and great company. I would be back in a flash if I could.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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