Advice on a bike- 4'11'' lady, bad back & tow-paths

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  • Advice on a bike- 4'11'' lady, bad back & tow-paths
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    Any of the Cube hybrids. She would want a 46cm frame. The tyres are 700×42 but larger could be fitted. Front suspension will take the edge off anything rough and the higher end models can be locked out. A suspension seatpost could be fitted too. Find a Cube dealer, they are likely to have at least one of the range available for a test ride.

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    MrsMC is 4′ 10″ and doesn’t have full use of her left leg and arm, and gets carpal tunnel problems in her good hand.

    Currently got an old rigid Ridgeback MX24 that she has ridden round the family trail at Sherwood Pines and our local tow paths with no problems. She is now eyeing up my lads old Hardrock 24″, but not sure if the weight of suspension is a good idea.

    Might try her on an xs Decathlon Rockrider, hoping that bigger 26″ wheels will be enough suspension for her


    My ex was 4’11, my daughter is now 5’0 – both have been fine on 14″ hardtail frames

    Daughter is currently riding an Xtra Small Cotic Bfe – with a 140 pike fork on it the height of the front end gives a lovely upright riding position that she feels very much in control with



    Looking for some advice- being the bike guy in the office I’ve been given a task. I need to try and find a suitable bike for a college.

    About the lady;
    – 40s
    – 4’11
    – bad back

    – Exclusively used for towpaths
    – Upright-ish riding position
    – Suitable tyres to help dampening
    – Ability to test ride the bike for a weekend!

    Could anyone point me in the right direction for suitable bikes please?


    Giant do a range of hybrid/city bikes that come in XS and are quite upright, around the £200-400 range from memory. Some come fully kitted with mudguards, rack etc. Example of one of their range below:

    Giant Cypress W


    Thanks for all the help!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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