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  • brooess

    Glad you are (relatively) unhurt.
    I can’t see how you’re liable for the repair. If the bike wasn’t put together properly by their mechanic it’s surely their responsibility…

    A good shop would be apologising profusely and giving you your money back… and remembering that the way a mistake is handled can win a customer for life.

    If they do otherwise I think you should name and shame so no-one else ends up like you or your cousin…

    Thanks for the earlier advice. All’s well that end’s well. Went to the shop, explained what happened. They approached things sensibly – didn’t say sorry (bright as they didn’t know if I was a scrote looking for trouble) but were sympathic and helpful (cup of tea etc!). They checked the bike and claimed it was ok. Bit odd in relation to what happened, but so be it. They gave the bike a thorough check over and I learned a bit more about bike mechanics which is no bad thing. They repaired the shifter (only the clamp was broken) and we went over the front end together. If anything it is over clamped now but at least the wheel and handlebars don’t move like they did. No bill for repair, no offer of a refund on demo charge but I still have 2 days to try it out properly, and as I said before I wasn’t looking for trouble. I was a little shaken up more than anything and nothing broken only bashed. Bike is now OK I hope.

    I am a little nervous about first steep bit tomorrow. Really annoying that this happened on first drop today as I tend to mince the tetchy stuff at the best of times. But first trail/drop off tomorrow will be a cautious one. Who says you shouldnt look at your wheel, it might be hard next time! 😉

    No need to name and shame or praise the shop. I guess I will put it down to another learning experience about MTB and hopefully everything will be smooth tomorrow. But perhaps, it is a reminder that, as DrP noted earlier, never forget to take responsibility for checking your bike yourself. They are our bodies, so we need to take responsibility at all times.

    Time for a warm bath to sort out the aching and sore back!! Thanks again for the valuable advice.


    Don’t buy the bike from them. Sounds like they do not deserve your custom. Give them the bike back at the end of your demo with a thamks but no thanks.
    If you like the bike source it elsewhere. Let your wallet do your taking.
    Bad service = No sale…

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Yowch. Just found this, bloody scary esp in relation to your cousin. Glad you’re OK.

    IMO shop is responsible BTW.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Also set yourself the project of building a simple HT from classifieds parts. You’ll soon learn to recognise a loose stem or headset.

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