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  • Advice needed on do-it-all hardtail
  • For me, on the basis of the evidence and first hand experience, a do it all hardtail would be a 29er.

    Which is up to you.

    Slim jim, Solaris, HX2?

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    Cotic BFe either now @£300 or wait for the news ones @ £350
    Sanderson Blitz
    On One 456 steel or carbon

    For me, on the basis of the evidence and first hand experience, a do it all hardtail would be a 29er.


    How is a 29er going to be any good for dirt jumps or downhill or at a skatepark?


    I’ve had 2 hx1s and they’re cracking bikes, stupidly cheap as well at the minute considering the quality of the finish etc etc.

    Ebb gives good versatility in case you want to singlespeed it with no ugly tensioners.

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    Depends on your idea of “do it all”. Carbon 456 is a good one though-light, strong, adaptable, and also, cheap.


    Another vote for the 456c, proper cheap frames at the minute

    Stanton Slackline and stick some adjustable travel forks on there. That’s if your idea of do it all involves playing around on dirt jumps.


    Now my only bike, so it’s definitely a ‘do it all hardtail’…

    New to this forum so be gentle advice needed I’m looking at building a do-it-all hardtail and would like some advice on the best frame to use, below is a few I have short listed.
    Chumba HX1
    Evil Sovereign
    Stanton Slackline
    Ragley Blue Pig
    Thanks in advance

    I have an Evil Sovereign as my only bike and don’t think I’d swap it for any hardtail. 140mm forks, big brakes and 1×10 for maximum radness.

    Best handling bike I’ve ever ridden and as versatile as it’s possible for a bike to be.

    Sliding vertical dropouts means mega short wheelbase, too and as we all know, length of wheelbase is inversely proportional to fun factor…

    I think they look great, too.


    Evil Sovereign, I’ve ran mine with a 160 fork which slayed for dh, now have a 140 rev which feels perfect, others run with anything down to 100, combined with sliding drop outs, you have huge versatility. I ride mine at Wharncliffe, muck around on jumps and pump track, plus do long (for me) 25 mile xc rides around Hebden Bridge. 1×9, fat tyres (Hans dampfs), dropper post, it’s immense fun.

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    Another Sanderson here…more XC than jump park mind. Mine has Fox 120’s on and it sits with much more relaxed head and seat angles…



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    Depends on your definition of do-it-all?
    See the Garburn thread, I did that on my Mk1 Blue Pig with 7yr old Fox forks
    I am more of a wheels on the ground/xc rider so cannot comment on it’s jump performance.


    Evil Sovereign. Unbeliveably fast, massively capable, surprisingly comfortable and WILL make you a better, radder rider. I guarantee there’s no 29er that’ll come anywhere near to it for tech fun and speed.

    Build it with beefy forks, 1×10 and big bars and a short stem. Get those chainstays slammed and rag the death out of it. YEAH!

    I move the forks between 110 for dickin’ about and playing and 140mm for big mountain epics. I’ve had mine 5 years next month and had several, much more expensive, bikes since and it’s still my favourite. I’ll never get rid of it.


    I want to piss on everyone chips and recommend a Saracen Zen, I just bought one for 570 delivered from It was supposed to be a donor bike for a bfe/456evo/transition transam (they is like all steel frames innit), but right now it is holding it’s own on the doing everything front..

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    Bloody hell Toys, that’s some buy… As long as you’re titchy anyway but still.


    NW, I know he can get them in 19 inch for the same price, just enquired for a mate.

    EDIT and I am titchy so it’s all good..

    Seeing as I’m racing Gravity Enduros and considering entering some local DH races too, a BFe would be the more conventional choice but it feels great! I’ll never be a great dirt jumper but I do like being in the air. One XC race also entered this summer and this bike has to do it all.

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    BFe – loving mine and it’s doing it all
    Prince Albert


    Check out a Dialled Alpine


    Building a Stanton Slackline with 150mm Revs as we speak, should be finished Thursday for a weekend at Dalbeattie………… to follow


    Without a doubt a Chromag Samurai, by far the best hard tail I’ve ever ridden, and I’ve had most ,

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    OnOne 456 does all listed above for £170

    As ianven said; check out the Dialled Prince Albert frame. Tough, lovely to ride with a 140 (120-140 recommended) fork and little details like the dropouts make it a winner for me.

    BFe fan here. I also have a Soul but prefer the BFe.

    Thanks for all the advice, narrowed it down to

    Evil Sovereign or 456 Carbon

    Examples would be appreciated


    456 SS. Adjustable forks, 1×10, really crap tyres. Does everything from xc, dh, jumps and wazzing about the street (and it isn’t plastic).

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