Advice needed – Ford electrics Fault codes…

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  • Advice needed – Ford electrics Fault codes…
  • mildred

    Last week Mrs M took her C-Max to the local Iraqui-Vacci car valet place, who when asked to perform their top Valet, jet washed the interior of the car leaving inches of water in the footwells.

    Since then it’s been showing the engine warning light (little picture of engine in Amber); I’ve plugged in a fault finder that’s come back with:
    U1900 078pd – manufacturers control
    U0073 078pd – control module bus off
    U1900 manufacturers control

    I’m guessing water has got into a connection; it’s about dry now after a week of de-humidifying, so has anyone any idea what they specifically mean, and is it safe to clear these code to see if there’s a persistent problem?


    Try getting the faults cleared to see if they are triggered again. Don’t go to your local ‘friendly’ Ford dealership as they’d most likely charge you about £50 for the pleasure.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    U1900 was one of the assorted hypochondriac codes I got when drying out my mondeo, googling suggested it can be triggered by various things including cheap OBD readers, and also it sometimes just comes out in sympathy alongside other faults. So not saying it’s not informative, but it’s possibly not that helpful. I cleared it a couple of times, it stopped recurring.

    U0073 I’ve never had myself but teh internetz says it’s a console thing. Which makes sense really.

    PS, really? You didn’t assault the valet company with a blunt lawyer?

    Premier Icon joat

    WTF do they do on their cheapest valet?


    I think they have a shite on your driver’s seat.

    I’ve cleared the codes so will keep an eye on them.

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