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  • Advice needed for reading a Eulogy
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    I have to read the eulogy at my Granddads funeral next week.

    I’m not usually the emotional sort but the trouble is that the eulogy (written by my Uncle) has me in pieces every time I read it.

    I’n not trying to be hard and unemotional, I just don’t want to look like a muppet spluttering my way through it. Any advice on how to approach this?

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    I was told this on a training course but can’t confirm if it’s true:

    People can only experience one emotion at a time. ie joy, pain, sadness etc. Therefore to avoid becoming ’emotional’ you need to ‘distract’ yourself. One way to do this is with pain.

    The person who told me this said she’d got through giving a eulogy by having a drawing pin in her pocket and digging it into her thumb to distract herself.

    I can’t confirm if this works. Whatever happens don’t worry too much. People will expect you to be emotional.

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