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  • steve-g

    I am off to Brighton with Mrs-g for date night tonight and have just realised the hotel I am staying in has no car park. Where can I park for free remotely near the town centre. The last time I did this was about 7 years ago and then I parked maybe a mile from the seafront in a residential street but I can’t remember where it was. Hotel is on the seafront and I will happily park anything up to say 2 miles away.

    Also, having parked the car I will need to eat, then find somewhere to drink that is open until late, where should I go?

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    Free parking, Brighton!? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Sorry, not much help. Whereabouts on the seafront?

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    The streets around queens park road e.g. Toronto terrace are free. Watch out as some do charge so just be careful about the street….

    Where is your hotel – east of the pier/ west of the pier?

    If you are east/ kemptown side then plenty of parking options not too far away, just head inland around the Hanover area

    What kind of food do you want to eat ? are you looking for a pub or a bar? I can help with a pub, with a bar not so much

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    Unrestricted parking around Blakers park (near Preston Park) so a fair way from the seafront. Buses are good though.

    Parking wise you will definitely find somewhere west of your hotel within 2 miles that doesn’t charge
    Try that site, let’s you see where you could park – not sure how accurate it is.

    As for a bar, there are so many of them you may as well just walk into one that looks nice. Have a good time!


    Can you not just get the train in?

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    a number of the car parks do ‘reasonable’ overnight parking charges now and they are a lot more secure than they used to be.


    Thanks all, I am near the pier, and google street view seems to suggest that Toronto Terrace may have been where I parked last time, I will go there as I can find my way around from there. Security is not an issue as my car is not really worth stealing.

    For food and drink I am thinking pubs rather than bars yes, so any advice on those is welcome.


    Well if you like real ale/ craft beer then both the Evening Star and the Craft Beer Co are fantastic- both have a huge array of draft cask and keg beer to choose from

    For food

    Giggling Squid for Thai
    The Coal Shed for steak
    The Chilli Pickle for Indian
    For burgers and stuff the New Club

    I’ve yet to go, but 64 Degrees is meant to be proper amazing

    For fish – riddle and Finns or fishy fishy

    All of those restaurants will probably need to be booked in advance (except for riddle and Finns who don’t take bookings)

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    Madeira Drive is free at night and evenings and pretty central, the tiny NCP behind Henry’s House is the cheapest secret pay car park near town.

    Evening Star is gopping unless you want to die from overhopped beer , go to the next one South that I’m always too drunk to remember the name of. This is a GOOD THING.


    I park out nr Preston Park for free, q secure too. There was a park & ride from the football club but that was a few years ago. Lots of buses go down the road but it’s only 20 mins walk.

    Evening Star is gopping unless you want to die from overhopped beer , go to the next one South that I’m always too drunk to remember the name of. This is a GOOD THING.

    Or if you prefer a less hoppy beer you could ask one of the bar staff to recommend one from the many they have

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