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  • Advice needed. Anyone hired a eBike from during their holiday?
  • Premier Icon johni
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    Good evening all,

    I’m heading out to Spain next week with Switchbacks and was planning on renting a standard Pole bike from them for my stay but noticed they now offer eBikes (Merida E160s).

    eBike hire page

    Has anyone rented one from them? If so (or not), do you have any advice on whether an eBike or MTB is best for the trails there?

    Thanks in advance

    Premier Icon RobHilton
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    Really, your own bike is what’s needed, but, I guess, that’s not on the cards.

    The riding is a bit intense, so the help on the climbs might pay off.

    P.S. The trails there are **** great! Enjoy!

    Premier Icon johni
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    Thanks, I’m away during the week so am struggling to get back and take my own bike hence the question. Just wondered if anyone has taken the ebike option or if it isn’t worth it?

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    I took my own bike (this was back in the days of 26″ wheels), and I can certainly see the appeal of an e-bike on the climbs, typically a day was an uplift followed by more climbing to the top, descend all the way, climb back about halfway and descend to the bottom again. So there was quite a bit of climbing to be done.

    Premier Icon willv
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      Was there couple of weeks ago. Not a lot of climbing really,mostly down. 12000m descent in 4 days yay
      Mike uses one as has to ride day after day and he was talking about some new ebike he had in. They will be decent ones.
    Premier Icon mattvanders
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    Been a few times, would say it would be best to take your own, then hire the pole followed. Y the ebike. The uplift are all pretty good with not much climbing (in fact we decided to ride up a couple of times to get more downs in). Also the trails are hardenough that it’s best to ride something you are familiar with and the weight of an email might be a struggle

    Premier Icon tomhoward
    Full Member

    Rent a regular bike for the first day, if you need the ebike after that, you can?

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