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  • Advice for a dog owner. (Kindest decision ?)
  • bigsi
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    Hora – I used to go to the dogs trust in Shoreham, West Sussex before we got our 2nd dog and it used to really upset me,, although it sounds no where near as bad as where your talking about. Thought about doing some volunteer work there but i don’t know if i would have been able to cope.

    takisawa2 – I feel for you but think you are doing the right thing by Fatty in seeking the advice of a vet. If its any help i would get the vets advice and then take the weekend to mull it over/come to terms with it if he advises the worst, it could also give you and your missus a chance to say your farewells.

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    bigsi, I wouldnt be able to cope. When I was younger I saw three people knocked down (two killed instantly) by a bus. Without sounding callous it didnt phase me. However recently on a Westie rescue website I saw a picture of a Westie that had been hit by a spade in the head causing massive damage (contacted charity and the dog in question has made a recovery with a foster family). That image affected me ‘a little’. I cant stand animal cruelty. If man cant be kind to those that cant defend themselves then he doesnt deserve to live (all IMO of course).

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    hora – i agree with you fully on the last point. Always makes my blood boil when you hear about these thugs who mistreat animals and get off almost scott-free (small fine normally and banned from keeping animals). If it were me i would hang draw and quarter them 😡

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    I’m gutted for you. It’s a tough decision to make and only you can make it, as you can closely monitor him.

    16 years is a good old stint though.

    Only if he is in pain and uncomfortable would I put him to sleep.

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    Tough decision, and only you can make it.

    My sympathies to you.

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    Takisawa I feel for you mate I really do. We had to have our old cat put down very recently after 15 happy years, he was gradually deteriorating over the last 6 months & he was sadly diagnosed with a terminal cancer tumor. It was the worse decisions I’ve have had to make to put him out of his misery as he really was part of the family. I cried like a proverbial baby when I left the vets but I knew that I had done the right thing.

    As has been said before it is better to remember Fatty McTavish as he used to be fit & healthy and not as he was at the end. Prolonging his suffering & a poor quality of life is not going to do him any favors.

    Life is very hard sometimes & we all have to make some $hitty decisions, I hope you do what you think is right even if it pains you even more.

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    Thanks all.
    After finishing work this afternoon I took Fatty for a short walk & spruced him up with a good brushing.
    I then took him down to the vets. She gave him a good check over & we had a long chat about his condition. With her advice it was decided that Fatty’s quality of life was of paramount importance, & the decision was made to end his suffering. I gave him a good old cuddle & shed more than a few tears as he slipped away in my arms. I think I had probably played down his problems to you somewhat, & hearing the vet explain how he was unlikely to be enjoying life upset me.

    It was without a doubt the most difficult thing I have ever done. The wife understood completely & we shed a few tears together. The eldest has asked where he is, but 3yr old’s are easily distracted; although we will explain as best as we can when he asks again. The house seems completely empty without him & I’d give anything to have him here right now. We miss the little guy.

    Thanks STW, for the kind words & wishes.

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    sorry to hear that t2, all the best to your family. 🙁

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    Brave of you to post the sad news tonight as I know how you must be feeling. Heartfelt condolences and best wishes to you and your family.


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    Sorry to hear how it turned out. Hope things are brighter for you and family soon. All the best…

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    t2, had to put my Patterdale, paddy down after a couple of years of decreasing health, eventually not eating and a failing liver took the decision out of my hands, but it still cuts deep. Try to remember the good times. Like you, I let him pretend to chase down some rabbits for one last time, and then let him go, he hated vets, but he didn’t even raise a sound he was ready.

    I’m sure he had a good life, you should feel pride chap

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    Really sorry to hear this. It’s not easy lettng go but there comes a time when you have to ask yourself if you’re holding on for the dogs life or just to keep yourself happy witht he company. It is like having a child / best friend and don’t care what anybody else thinks on this matter. When growing up we always had a pair of sheepdogs and they all but one went at an old age and had lived life to the full. Moss who was my dog and not the family [well Dad paid the bills] had a twisted gut and after some huge vet bills trying to put him right it ended up being that he had to be put down after such a short life. it was pure robbery. This one was definately the hardest but the others, knowing that I was able to spend in excess of ten years with each of them, they’re life meant something but I would rather put them out of their misery than every let them be sad.

    I wish you and your family all the best of luck with whatever your decision would be

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    brave thread takisawa2, I’m touched.

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    Sorry to hear about this, bit close to home really as we had to let our 14yr old ginger tom Fred go this week as he had either a tumor or nerve damage to his rear end and had stopped “going” and was struggling to walk. Our 8 yr old daughter screamed when we told her as he used to sleep on her bed cuddled like a teddy bear. 😥

    Me and the missus cried like babies while we buried the poor chap but I always insist we keep them close, even afterwards.

    It’s a tough decision but the well being and quality of life of the animal has to come 1st.

    The daughters have been busy making photo albums of Freds life which has felt a bit strange but it’s helping them through it and it’s interesting watching the other three (female) cats as the dynamics of the group has shifted and they’re all a little lost at the mo’.

    I’ve lost the only other male company in the house though. 🙁

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    Sorry to read the news, but it was obviously the best thing for the little fella, hes out of his suffering now.
    good luck and best wishes to you and the family

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    Tough day for you, but take heart that you did the right thing.

    Best wishes

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    t2 – Stay strong fella, I’m sure it will get better for you and your family.

    They never really leave you, they just chase rabbits somewhere where you can’t quite see them 😥

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    You gave him a great life and that is all we can do for our pets.

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    16yrs is very good going. All the best.

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    You’ve done the right thing.

    Best wishes.

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    Ive just caught up with this from last week, I think Ive got a tear in my eye too. That was a real brave thing to do. I know when my first cat was put to sleep I cried like a baby, and when I got home I did it again. Those lillte guys take up a huge space in your hearts…

    Sorry for your loss…

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    Only just noticed this post and I admit it brings back terrible guilt feelings over loosing my own dog, Gus.
    He was a 16year old Springer, the reason I bought my first mountain bike.
    He had gone deaf, catarracks and severs arthritus in his hips, I would probably be still spending money at the vets now but it was my Dad who made the brave desicion that enough was enough.
    My Dad was a dog handler in the RAF, and always believed that the dogs welfare was of importance not the owners feelings.

    We were “dogless” for three years until walking through town noticed a post in an animal welfare shop for a labrador, needless to say he is my best friend( agrees with every thing I say) and occasional riding companion.

    Yes they do make a mess, disrupt family life, cause endless rows( sometimes with neighbous)and wife/dog hierachy but dont you just love em!!

    Best Wishes for the future

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    I was really saddened to read this last week as we have been talking about yjr situation with our 13 old Boxer who seemed just to be slowing down noticably in the last few months and weeks……

    Well, I suppose fate has a way of stepping in because the little monkey had a heart attack last night and died in his bed. We were both with him in his last moments.

    We are absolutely devastated, but we know he had an ace life because of us, as we did because of him.

    Oh eck those animals sure get into our hearts don’t they.

    I’m gonna do it…….here’s a couple of pics of Bruno……what a wonderful dog he was.

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    I’m now feeling really guilty for scolding JD for ‘eating’ yet another pair of my socks (why do dogs look like they have tears in their eyes when you do that?). Still really just a pup at about 18 months old but I only hope that we can give him as much love and fun as you folks have yours.

    RIP Fatty and Bruno.

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    MD the little buggers never change………..Bruno was a cheeky bugger right up to the last!

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    Gutted for yer Bru..

    As a Westie owner here, I can see where yer comming from…

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