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    Fairly unlikely it’ll be covered in full I’m afraid.


    I think not…just checked my car policy for personal belongings in car…only £150 limit (so I have extra cover on home policy)


    I really hope that you get all of your stuff back. This isn’t what you want to hear but most insurances only cover small possessions under normal policies up to a max of for example £100 -200.

    Is he likely to have taken out some sort of special policy?

    Do you have the bike listed on your house insurance as an item away from home?

    Good luck either way!!!


    will all our stuff be covered by his car insurance when its a fully comp policy?

    Simply – no. Your only hope would be your own home insurance if they are covered on that


    Home Insurance only,as everyone would be claiming for the kitchen sink and more when they had a car broken into.

    and a bit late now, but always chain your bikes up when in a vehicle or on a vehicle.


    Can I ask, and this isn’t in anyway a dig, when you say came back what do you mean?

    Was the stuff in the car out if sight? I think questions like this will be asked by the insurance company.

    I really hope you get it all sorted. There is some real scum out there.


    evening all,

    we got back last night to find my mates focus estate had got broken into.

    it had our dh bikes and stuff inside. they had smashed the side window and managed to get all the stuff out. i asked the restaurant where the car was parked for cctv and they said its not a working cam just a dummy.

    i havent spoke to him today after we got back as he told me to leave it with him, but the question is.

    will all our stuff be covered by his car insurance when its a fully comp policy?

    not really sure how to approach him as my stuff alone was a small fortune and wondering how long i should expect to wait for a payout type thing if its covered!!!!

    thanks all for time…


    house insurance, off premises. try that?

    b r

    Unfortunately it’s your stuff, what insurance cover have you?

    As even that might not pay out.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Yep, all as above unless he has a magic car policy (if he does please share the details)
    It will be down to what insurance you have on your home policy. Check the T&C’s carefully before calling. Just make sure you did everything they asked to be covered.
    also make sure you have done all the police reports, get pics of the bikes out there (an idea of area would help) Gumtree/Ebay searches and some posters up. Pop a thread on here with all the pics of the bikes, details of where/when etc.

    My bike was stolen off the back of a car last year, outside my friends house, in broad day light, in Bristol 🙄

    It was covered under my home insurance (M&S) -made my premiums go up mind you!


    out of sight was, we went for dinner after a trip back to a restaurant and come out to find the bikes gone, so yes the car was kind of out of sight.

    my house policy only covers my belongings when on the premises.

    this could be a very hard hit i believe!

    thanks all any how.


    Hey Nick,
    Did you get an answer in the end from this? Bad news in the end? My bike got robbed from the van last night and I’ve not heard back off the insurer yet 🙁 Getting nervous waiting!

    Some people in this world ey?!

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