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    1. I can post in the morning when you guys are asleep and have AT LEAST two hours on the forum before anyone starts ripping me.

    2. I can boast about the weather. What I won’t tell you is it’s so bloody hot and humid most of the time that you can barely bike 5ks without turning into a sweaty wreck.

    3. Strangely, you can’t get good bikes out here. Why the hell not when most are made in a sweatshop somewhere in SE Asia I can’t imagine.

    4. Viet Nam produces the best coffee in the entire world.

    5. All the girls are as cute as hell.

    6. I can live well on $10/day.

    7. WE sent Garry Glitter back to YOU. He’s YOUR problem now.

    8. We never clean our house. We have a cleaner. Costs $30/month.

    9. I see the sun every day before you do.

    10. WiFi is free and it’s everywhere, even in tiny villages in the delta. Makes an iPod Touch almost mandatory. Who needs lumpy netbooks?


    We have Yorkshire Pudding more often, I can drink *real* beer in *real* pubs, Hendersons Relish is considered absolute with the afore mentioned Yorkshire Pud

    I’d love to go to Vietnam (on a long holiday), but, i’m here in sunny sheffield 😉

    err, stop boasting, its -2 here and we’re expecting fog for most of the day 😉

    jammy g*t 😉

    Premier Icon Drac

    Does look an amazing country and would love to go there some time, very brave of you to move out there and hope it works out well.

    Watching the Top Gear special the other night that was filmed in the ‘Nam the girls did look very nice indeed.


    Vietnam is an incredible place. I went there 12 years ago and spent two months backpacking North to South. The experience was amazing on every second of every day.

    Judging by the TG film, things have changed a bit (like the ratio between bikes and mopeds in the cities was the reverse of what it is now) but the essence of the country is the same.

    Great landscapes, fascinaing history (not just the recent stuff), amazing food, lovely people.

    Have a bia hoi (spelling may be wrong) for me!


    But in NZ we are even further ahead in 36 min it will be 2009! i will be in bed though, it is nice and warm – but not humid, the girls may be cute in Nam but they all have slitty eyes in NZ they look normal and hence interbreading produces no noticible effects (see Gore) (thats a town down south!!)

    our cleaner costs $45 NZD/ fortnight, gardener is $20/fortnight and the nanny after subsidy is $7/hour AND fish and chips are made fresh, none of these soggy chips that have been keeping warm for 2 hours!


    the girls may be cute in Nam but they all have slitty eyes

    ???? 😯


    the girls may be cute in Nam but they all have slitty eyes

    Yes. he surprised me too, RudeBoy. Just goes to prove the rule;

    Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total F**kwit


    Maybe Expat is Prince Philip?

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