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  • Advantage versus Smorgasbord
  • nealy

    I went from 2.25 advantage front and rear to Smorg back and Chunky Monkey front and it was a big improvement in grip and rolled fine off road. Bit more draggy on road but you’re doing it wrong if you’re bothered about that.

    Premier Icon IainAhh

    I’ve not tried a smorg but the advantage makes for a good rear tyre. Good rolling and decent grip in dry and wettish. Also good volume esp in 2.25, and quite light. I found it does drag noticeable less than a baron & rubber queen on the back. I swap to a deeper tread / mud tyre in the winter/v wet.

    Going to try a Hutchinson Toro next time, the 2.15 is small though.
    Anyone tried the 2.35 does it have a bit more volume?

    Premier Icon dawson

    Both in 2.25″ (26″)

    to go on the back of my Latitude – mostly Peak district usage, but some woodsy stuff

    Much difference?

    Would the Advantage roll faster?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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