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  • Wibble89

    Day 1 over, steadily getting itchier. What joys await? Will see if I can get some antivirals from the GP tomorrow to help alleviate the symptoms, anyone had any luck with this?

    I can’t own them with bombers but guess it could be a child’s face next…


    The itching will get worse. Your energy levels will drop and the itching will get worse, but you’ll not have the energy to scratch. You’ll get spots in places you didn’t know you could get spots. Make sure you get the air to these spots!
    Sorry mate – it sucks a big one. I had it years ago and I still shudder at the memory. Good luck.


    Itching…… oooooh yes, there will be itching!
    Cold baths can help on occasions.
    And dont scratch them, they tend to scar then.
    I had it at 21, itched like a b%$£&^d, so i had a cunning plan, I would only scratch the ones on my head, in my hair, then if they scarred, no probs! Very satisfying to have a good scratch! Genius!

    Or it would have been….. if not for male pattern baldness!!!!!!
    I now have parts of my scalp that resemble the surface of the moon!

    Anti-inflammatories ( ibuprofen) can be a help.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I had it at 22. Proper nasty. remember the gp throwing drugs at me as fertility can be affected.

    And then I followed it a week later with hand foot and mouth. That wasn’t a good summer.


    Don’t scratch. I had it as a kid, and I think it was what caused a hairless spot on my eyebrow 🙂


    I had it at 19 I think and the first “spot” I got was on my forehead. Didn’t realise it was chickenpox so squeezed and squeezed thinking it was a zit… Nice c.1cm dia. bullethole entry wound scab almost slap bang in the middle of my forehead for a couple of months. Nice!

    Hope you feel better soon.


    Had it as a 28 year old. Calamine lotion and cold showers FTW.
    You’ll feel better in 2 or 3 weeks. :'(


    Seems to be going around, I know two adult people that have it just now 😯

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    I had it aged 25 whilst in Italy with the In Laws. Laid up in bed for 10 days. The Doc had a prod and a poke and gave me some Italian medicinal alcohol to apply the spots. It’s not available in the UK. It’s a bit like surgical spirit but not as strong. It makes the area of the spot a bit squiffy.
    According to the, wife who is a Pharmacist, you should most definitely not use surgical spirit. Piriton Pills and Calamine lotion are best for the itching and don’t scratch.

    Premier Icon legspin

    I had it @ 34 not fun, The doctor said take 2 Piriton to ease the itch.


    Didn’t think there would be any glowing reviews of it. Main itching is in my ear and a good big one on top of my head but as above male pattern baldness so need to leave it alone. Seem to be able to turn off the itching in my mind for most of them but it’s getting harder. Tried the GP’s and they basically told me to jog on, think I will try my old family GP back home just in case. Anything to reduce the term, severity and likely hood of complications has got to be worth trying it on a little.

    Just cancelled my entry to Bringewood DH this weekend, been looking forward to it for ages. I just hope I’m just about ok for my race the week after but think it is unlikely.


    Misery, had it at 18.
    Memories of lying in a cold bath at 3a.m. because the itching was so bad


    Shingles last year was bad enough, you have my sympathies!


    You’ll get spots in places you didn’t know you could get spots.

    Amen brother, I remember that vividly….


    Top tip: Put some bicarbonate of soda in your bath water. It really helps with the itching.

    Premier Icon portlyone

    I know an adult that has it too, luckily(?) I had it as a kid. Do kids still take part in chicken pox parties etc?


    I had at 21.


    The best tip I can give you is drink loads of water, seems to keep the itching down and helps your skin so less chance of scarring.


    Worry about breathing, not spots. Varicella is a respiratory infections that then manifests as spots later. Kills 20-30 adults a year. My wife was extremely ill with this at 30, and my then 4mo old son had so many spots you couldn’t put a 20p on his body without finding one! Poor child has just gone down with Shingles.

    Personally, I think adults who have escaped the childhood infection should be vaccinated.


    The horror, the horror.
    I had it in my late 20’s. Jeeebus, it was BAD. Couldn’t help scratching some of the spots and so now look like somebody had tried to kill me by stabbing my face with a fork.

    Had it when I was 20 in the middle of summer.. Nasty! I remember the lady coming into the shop with her pram dwelling, grissling, spotty little disease vector of a child too. Grr..

    Calamine lotion and several lukewarm showers in the day seemed to be the only solution. Still have a couple of craters in my forehead and scalp from scratching though.


    Same here.. was 22-23 when I had them.. terrible business and loads of scars !

    Premier Icon ransos

    I had it as a child and was in bed ill for one day. I gave it to my dad and he was in bed for 2 weeks.

    Best of luck!

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