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  • packer

    On the MTBR forum someone has put up a photo of the hilo on some scales along with the handlebar remote and the cable and it weighed exactly 600g


    Is that heavy for an adjustable seatpost?
    I think a Thomson is somewhere around 300g, an extra 300g for the adjustable functionality is a trade off I think will be worth it.
    My bike and I are no lightweights to begin with.


    The Gravity Dropper with remote come in around 470g for the Turbo version, bit heavier for the Classic version.

    The next lightest post, which is also the best IMO (having owned and used extensively the Joplin and the GD), is the Rock Shox Reverb. The 330mm version comes in at 520g, the longer one at 550g.

    Absolutely agree with you Stuey that that is more than an acceptable price to pay for what it allows you to do. I’d have one at 600g in a heart beat if that’s all there was.


    The X-Fusion is the heaviest dropper post out there as far as I know, but as you say it is not that much heavier than the competition.

    Van Halen

    what sort of length do you get from min insertion to seatclamp at full extension. are they near 400mm? or is that just WAAAAY too optimistic for an adjustable post?


    X-fusion Hilo is around 420mm from tip to rails and has 10cm of minimun insertion. Even on my short seat-tubed Orange, I have 18cm of post permanently inserted into the frame.

    The weight penalty will, I guarantee, be forgiven and forgotten after/during the first ride. What a fooking brilliant idea – best money I ever spent on my bike.


    I just got a HiLo. Works well. I would recommend getting the none remote though as the remote is a really rip off for what is basically a gear cable with a push button switch.

    Anyway I am not totally sold on uppy downy seat posts. A bit like tubeless tyres or 10 speed gears or the latest suspension tuning. (Gizmos but not that revolutionary) I ride in the woods with my seat quite low anyway so it does not make so much difference. I bike standing up a lot so maybe get a bit fitter and don’t sit on your arse all the time then you don’t need a heavy uppy downy seat post.

    I do admit that I am not totally used to the best way to use it as it is either too low or too high. I just like it in the middle.


    holy thread resurrection batman!

    I’d completely forgotten I even posted about this….

    to answer your question, I did get on very well with my 27.2 i7, until a trip to Afan in a few weeks back, at which point it crapped out on me half way round w2, it started by not dropping all the way, then on one descent totally let go and the saddel and top shaft would spin freely anti-clockwise – made for a rather *interesting* final 15k…

    if i tipped it upside down and gave it a shake it rattled and you could hear one of the rollers, if you did it just right it kind of fell back into place inside and would work normally again for 5 mins, then went all spinny again.

    Sent it back to superstar for repair, hopefully will be all OK again but was a bit gutted as until that point I had nothing but good words to say!



    Three Fish

    What have you got over the top of the seat post.
    A chainstay cover?
    Does that work well and keep the dirt out?


    Any update on this thread, how does the I7 perform longer term?

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