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  • Adaptalite Glasses or any Photochromatic lenses for that matter
  • I_Ache
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    Are they too dark for night riding or do they go clear enough?

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    I've some adaptalites and I love em but i don't use em at night – they do go clear enough to ride but its like running the light on the next brightness down so why bother?

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    optilabs ones go 95% clear and are fine at night

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    I have some Rudy Project ones that start clear and get darker when the light gets brighter.
    Sorry dont know the model name.
    Excellent for night riding.
    Not that cheap at approx £100 though.

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    My Optilabs are clear enough not to notice. Very good buy, nice quality.

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    I'm using BBB ph lensed BSG23s. It's a budget spec that works well in most conditions. I use 'em for commuting after dark when you need less fine detail, but change to clears for off roading at night, where I need as much light as possible.

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    I've got the Specialized ones and find them too dark at proper night and if it's raining no chance

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    I've got Rudy Project Rydon photochromatic ones that are fine for night riding. You have to be careful not to leave them too long in direct sunlight if you are not using them since they can fade. Otherwise excellent. Otherwise it's just a few quid to buy some clear lenses.

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    Specialized ones are too dark. Oakleys are perfect.

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    I've got specialized ones and they are fine, even at night, I also have Oakley Transitions and they are darker for night so I guess that means depends on your eyes and your lights, I ride with D-Maxx plus Joystick

    The specialized road lenses are darker than their MTB ones, depends which ones you have, the MTB ones are more yellow, the road ones more purple

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