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  • Going for a session tomorrow, first time . . .

    Dodgy neck n the Alps on the horizon!!

    Anyone had any experience of this treatment?


    had it many times.. just don't drink any water before going.


    ok… serious?.. don't be surprised if they don't target your neck… he/she will explain the whole interconnected-ness of the body and put a few pins in your side, or feet or whatever.. but it does work.

    what part of Alps you heading to?

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    I've just had a couple of sessions for back pain. About a month ago my back muscles went into spasm, so badly I could barely walk. The doctor at the local A&E deptartment gave me a muscle relaxants and two types of prescription pain killer it was that bad!
    Fortunately my partner is a massuese and she gave me daily massages to help loosen the muscles, but after two weeks I still couldn't bend enough to put my own shoes and socks on and I was still having to take the pain killers.
    So off for some accupuncture. I was there for an hour and the guy doing it went through my medical history before he put any needles in and talked me through everything he was doing while putting them in.
    By the end of the session I was able to bend over and touch my toes! The added bonus was the general feeling of wellbeing.
    After that first session I was able to stop the drugs and I have since had a second session and am now pain free. So I'd thoroughly recommend it.

    eeek, looks like giving my toenails a clip!

    Les Arcs, a week Saturday!


    It's very relaxing, I fell asleep in my first session!

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    had it done by a physio to treat a shoulder / neck injury on the NHS after being run over last year…

    it was fantastic! really helped solve my problem.. and made me feel floaty light afterwards for about an hour!

    though it has flared up again after a couple of months, but i have been referred again and am currently awaiting an a appointment to go and see them again..

    she did say though that the western and chinese approaches differ..


    Had it done on my knee.

    It didn't work

    I wouldn't remcommend it.

    Have since read a bit more on the topic and there is scant evidence for it being better than a placebo.


    Les Arcs eh?.. have a great time.. weather has been very hot down here ( Geneve ) so I expect it must be pretty dry up there.
    expcept fo those torrential tshowers we has last night come to think.

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