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  • Aching hands; new bars required?
  • GW

    aching “like buggery” sounds harsh, I’d just give up altogether i I were you.

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    No matter what glove/grip combo I’ve tried, my hands ache like buggery within about 30 minutes of a ride – but only in that-bit-where-your-thumb-meets-your-palm (can you tell I’m not a doctor?).

    Anyone else had similar problems? Do I need a bar with a different sweep? Was it merely too much of a death grip? Or should I just rotate my bars around a bit? I’ve never had this problem with any other bike… And I’ve had a few…

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    OK, I retract the “like buggery” bit… but my hands still ache…


    I’ve had nothing but hand problems over the years, grip and posture{strengthen core} are the only fixes I’ve found, thrown lots of money at it but only get mild relief at best without concentrating on the physical stuff

    my probs though have been more around the outer pad on my hand[pins and needles etc} doing xc and then my fingers swelling when doing downhill


    Loosen grip, run a bit less pressure in your tyres/forks to dampen the vibrations a bit

    I’m assuming you’ve tried Spesh gloves they seem to have the palm padding, ulner nerve thing covered?

    coupled with a carbon bar?


    I’ve suffered with this problem for years and after much trying and failing I find the thinnest glove and thinnest grip combo works best for me. Odi Ruffians and gloves with zero padding. Winter is tricky but I managed to find a thinner than usual glove. Works for me.


    I recently had the same problem. I invested in some Specialized Targa grips (the ones with plastic bar ends – sounds naff but they are a very comfy shape) and have found they helped a lot. This is on my commuting bike which does on and off road duty on pumped-up-hard tyres. They just seems to spread the load over your whole hand. Maybe worth a try?

    Similar issue here, some suggestions:

    1. Try foam grips
    2. Try Ergon or other similar grips
    3. Strengthen your hand using a Powerball or rock climbing finger strengthening gizmo
    4. Change your shifters, I was getting problems operating the front mech in particular, so went to a grip shift
    5. Fork set up – more negative pressure, try a more supple coil fork
    6. Wider bars seem to have helped me a bit
    7. Make sure your gloves are big enough and not restricting your thumb movement
    8. Core strength – rely less on your hands/arms to stay upright.
    9. Any possibility of arthritis – maybe get an x-ray
    10. Brake reach adjustment and angle

    It’s a bugger isnt it… I dont think there’s a quick cure after seeing a very good sports physio. I have the most problems on fast, fairly smooth, trail centre type routes. It’s no where near as bad on slow, techie stuff fortunately.

    Probably not an ulna issue, not where you’ve described the pain

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    Death grip?


    take it you are using suspension forks?

    try some Mary type bars, or the Renthal equivalent – they were talking about them on the forum a couple of days ago.

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    Thank you all for the suggestions. It’s just occurred to me that it might be brake lever reach, as I tend to ride with my levers covered… I’m also considering those Crank Bros foam lock-on grips…


    Try ESI grips, either chunky (which aren’t that chunky) or racers edge. Most comfortable grip i’ve found.


    and if all else fails…..
    Marrzochi RC3ti forks, seriously.
    44, 55 or 66 as appropriate, there’re all good.


    GW will help you out, he gets it all of the time from his death grip on his head wang 😉


    I had the same and am currently usig ESI grips and they have worked for me. I’ve tried Ergon and they also work. Been using Spesh bg gloves for years


    Sore hards after 30 minutes?



    Higher brake levers to drop the heels of your hands might help. You shouldn’t be putting weight through your thumbs.

    long legs and a short torso meant that my hands always went numb…perched too far forward etc.

    combination of cruiser bars, uncut steerer with loads of spacers, delta stem riser and adjustable stem (phew!) means that my bars are nearly a foot higher and closer.

    I am sitting upright on bike but no more hand pain/ neck pain/ sore behind etc.

    over many years I have tried most of the above suggestions but if you have long legs/ short torso then theres no substitute for a more upright position on the bike.

    hope that helps

    I have a set of Ergon grips you are welcome to have. PM your address to my email.

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